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1 Year of Quitting Gaming


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Hi guys,

My name is Jeet and as of today I've stopped playing video games for just over a year now. Would like to use this opportunity to repay Cam out by being a member of this forum! The benefits are amazing and although I'm not where I want to be yet, I'm in a whole better position than I was a year ago. In that year, I experienced travelling myself, met and befriended many celebrities, discovered self help, improved my dating life, started a Youtube channel and found my life purpose. I'd just like to say that quitting video games will not magically fix all your problems in a day, but it'll certainly head you in the right direction so have faith in the process! You won't see immediate results but the work you put in to improve the quality of your life compounds over time.

Thanks for taking your time reading this post and will be looking forward in getting to know you guys!

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