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  1. I think it would be helpful if we can also talk about jobs, job skills, interviewing, money, and starting a business. All of our experiences with those things so we can strategies ways to get ahead in life.
  2. @Hitaru When you said you were back and you were talking about the extracts about your travels.
  3. @Hitaru So where did you go and what did you do that you realized all of this?
  4. @lilX That's what I did here is my channel https://www.youtube.com/revolutionarythinking
  5. Thanks Cam I read the article and the last part of the article really resonated with me. Sometimes these are very dedicated people actually looking for work and they're not lazy. The problem is that when the 2008 recession happened it really hit the economy hard and my generation was still in school and didn't have any job experience if we never worked before and were working on our degrees. The scourge of unemployment and also underemployment hit my generation really hard so some of us found solace in the fact we could play video games and escape to a virtual world. I wanted to ask you what your email was. I think the best thing I can do now that I'm older is understand these people more. Not only that but, a good idea is to find strategies as to what people really like and rather be doing than play games. For me it was travel and finding friends but, that doesn't exactly come with a strategy guide. Sometimes you don't have mentors in your life to help you and especially when your parents are divorced it's particularly tough. The best thing we can do for the video game addicted is actually listen to them instead of making unfounded stereotypes and blaming them for their situation.
  6. What are you working on though passion wise or career wise?
  7. So Cam since you dropped out of the education system I think that the work I'm doing will be relevant to you and gamers in general who are looking for more meaning in their lives. I feel like the biggest problem that I had with school was the lack of guidance. At least in a video game their is a tutorial on how to play the game and you actual feel like you are productive when you beat a level or boss etc. although when I compared it with the school system and how it introduces us to a life outside of school it wasn't so clear. Basically the school system is a tutorial to prepare you for living your life and having a successful one but, I quite honestly think it does a terrible job. In games you know that you have to complete a task to get what you were going toward on the other hand in the job market it's a gamble. It's a gamble because you could send out literally a hundred resumes and only hear back from one job and that one job you hear back from you get an interview and they might not even hire you. After University though I did manage to get a job but, it was a job that didn't feed my soul or passion whatever you want to call it and I ended up quitting and working on the YouTube channel that I started. One thing I noticed is that there is hardly any bridge connecting the academic world with the career world and for a lot of young people out their it's either sink or swim which I think is terrible. That's why I want to get millennials (or anyone else feeling lost in this new economy) together and talk about these issues and what we can do about them. How to find a sense of purpose outside of the video games that we play that makes us feel that we are actually accomplishing something with our lives. So I invite you to take a look at my blog http://bakshandehariel.wixsite.com/website and a look at my YouTube page https://www.youtube.com/revolutionarythinking hopefully we can all support each other to reach our potential and I think I have the leadership skills with a community like this to help people out and open up a dialogue.
  8. Hey Jeet thanks for introducing me to this community.
  9. So anyway I'm a gamer but, I wouldn't exactly say I'm addicted just looking for more in my life than what I have right now. I quit video games in high school when I was in 9th grade but, it didn't work out so well because I put on a fake personality and tried to make friends with that fake personality. So I started playing video games again in 10th grade and I was happy. I was the happiest playing open world video games where I was the hero and I was fighting some kind of evil dictator or evil person who saved the town/city/kingdom. Also my gaming habits didn't affect my grades. I kind of used video games as a crutch because of the terrible job market. I was really really getting frustrated with submitting a bunch of resumes and applications to companies and never hearing anything back so the resentment kind of grew and grew and I would heal that resentment by playing video games. I'd feel good in the moment but, once it was over I was still frustrated. I think joining this community because as someone who's a gamer now and just does it very sporadically I can connect with fellow (former) gamers and we can talk about what's going on in our lives. So far I created a YouTube page and a blog and I want to make it big with that. I've taken vacations to places like Chicago, Portland, Tokyo, Auckland, and Sydney. I really enjoyed going to those places. Now though I want to tap into a community and unleash my full potential instead of wasting my time browsing the internet and playing games. I have a special message for the world and I want to let it out and become a hero in real life and not just the virtual world.