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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Tired and want to get back control of my life...


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Found this site through the TEDTalk that Cam gave a couple of years back, ironically through a Google search like he had mentioned. 

I'm 38 and tired of gaming getting the better of me. I've been on a binge the last couple of weeks and it's been hellish. It's barely fun anymore, like I'm on autopilot and automatically go to the computer to play. Just now I was repeating a mission over and over to complete it successfully when I thought why the *uck am I so invested in gaming when it doesn't mean jack *hit to have the highest score, most achievements, etc, etc. All it does is suck the life out of me literally day in and day out. 

My biggest issues are procrastination and being a wannabe perfectionist. I have a ton of real things to do but games are just easier and provide instant feedback. 

The perfectionist thing is a *itch. I honestly have no idea why I'm like this. I'm pretty laid back but when I do something it's like all or nothing. I get so easily frustrated that I'm not doing whatever task 100% that I say *uck it and go play a game.

I'm going to attempt no gaming for 90 days and probably start a journal on here. Thanks Cam for sharing your insights, I'm hoping to get control over this and get back to actually living in the world and not on a screen.

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Thanks for the warm welcomes, it's been inspiring already my short time spent on this forum. As I told Cam in a private message just to be understood and heard with this issue is already so powerful that it is making a difference, just up to me to shape it into a positive one. 

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