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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Time to stop again


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I'm not sure what the deal is with me.  I have sold and bought Xbox Ones 4 times now.  I realize that selling them is not the answer if I have the means to go buy another.  I'm going to put it in the filing cabinet this time.  I hopefully won't freak out and panic that it's gone which may enable me to work on my detox.  I have always been a terrible procrastinator.  The game makes it so easy to "tune out" for hours. Before I know it it's time to go home.  I beat myself up every day and say I'll get to it in the morning. I feel that if I am caught up on my work that I won't have that negative need to procrastinate.  

 There is a game coming out in about 90 days that I am looking forward to. Maybe that can be a reward if I have developed good habits by then?  

I know if I can get a handle on my work habits and compartmentalize my time properly, I believe that I can game leisurely when there is time.  

Detox should be the answer.  Any thoughts?


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I told myself many times "what is the point of living if I can't enjoy my life" and then go off to play games. I think I heard this saying from a Youtuber: "No one is going to regret not playing Call of Duty 4 (or 5?) on their deathbed" and it was totally insightful for me. There are so many things I want to do in my life and I keep feeling that games get in the way of those things. So I keep on searching for that one activity that I will enjoy more than games. I feel that my life is too precious and being a gamer is just not who I am. I believe you can find your own bliss and the games are keeping you from seeing them around you.

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Hey and welcome.

I think it would be a solid plan to make the 90days detox and then think if you really want to try out the game. This way you leave all Options open but commit to a goal. That's the idea behind this 90day Thing anyway. Just get some distance from gaming to enable you to evalulate your own Situation wihtout too much urges. Also it is a reachable goal( in opposition too I Enver Play again). If you decide to do this I would dare you to commit here in a (semi-)public space to do the 90 days and make it reality.

Writing ehre regulary about your Feelings and experiences in teh detox may help a lot to Keep the commitment you made to yourself and to this community. Also we are able this way to support you.

Best of luck!

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