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4th time relapse


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Hi, I have relapse problem, when i stress i always have an urge to go back to summoner wars, the mobile game, and when I do i spent money a lot on it. I had delete 3 account. This is the forth account and I spent 70 dollars already and wanting to play all the time and getting numb to outside world.

I had deleted my forth account already. Now, I have to detect the cause of many relapse. I have ADHD, which cause me bored easily, and anxiety problem from ADHD. When I quitter from video games, I tend to get addict to tv series and social media such as facebook.

I think the problem is I can not find activities to replace gaming when I got stress from medicine or in free times, other activities seem to not stimulate enough to satisfy my ADHD brain. Can you guy help me solve this problem ? Thank you : )


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How can you deal with stress without gaming? That's where you'll find a lot more success. Stress is natural in life, and whether you're gaming or not it will occur. But how you respond to it is important. Gaming is just the way you know how to deal with it. But gaming isn't the only way!

These videos can help you:

How To Deal With Stress Without Gaming
How to Overcome Escapism

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Also, I do not know if the following works for you but: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/mobile-phones/9800299/How-to-turn-off-in-app-purchases.html

If there is a way to turn off micro-transactions, you should give it a try. Sometimes it is necessary to force ourselves not to do something in order to be able to overcome the urge.

On another note: I do not know how old you are, but you could ask your parents to support you. For example, every time you feel the urge to open the game and invest money, talk to them. Or to your girlfriend or to a supportive friend.

In addition, since you suffer from ADHD, take a closer look at your nutrition. What do you eat and what do you drink? This can be quite important for people without ADHD as well. For example, sugar will have a massive effect on your focus, concentration, energy and anxieties. If you tend to drink strongly sugared soft-drinks or eat a lot of candy, cake, etc. you will have constant ups and downs in your mood and mind. If you can, try to find a healthy balance when it comes to nutrition.

And now the final topic: You say you get bored easily. There is one important thing to that: Many things in life are boring. And if you pick it up and it gets boring, it will always be boring to you and it will quickly be boring to you. But if you train your brain, just like you train a muscle, you can make many tasks in life less boring. How do you train your brain? By doing. If you do something, like tidying your living room, or working on a homework or whatever it may be, and it gets boring, do NOT quit. This is the most important thing. If it does get boring, do NOT quit. Go on doing it. At some point, the boredom will pass and it will either be alright for you or you just won't care. No matter what you do, do not quit when things get boring.
I said that this is important and it is. Because when you adapt the behavior of quitting when bored, you will pick up many things and will drop many things. There will not be steady progress in your life. Just ups, downs, ups, downs and so on. If you get bored, go on. For as long as possible or if possible, until your task is done. This is the only way to train your brain. The same counts for your anxieties. If you get anxious, by all means, move. Do not freeze. Do something. If you are anxious about an upcoming task, dive right in. Count the minutes that you are holding your ground if necessary.

Chances are you stopped reading after the first sentence. Chances are you did not read this paragraph at all. But if you read until this point, there is a last thing I want to tell you: Why I am telling you all this. The reason is this:


I think the problem is I can not find activities to replace gaming when I got stress from medicine or in free times, other activities seem to not stimulate enough to satisfy my ADHD brain.

If you are unable to find activities, that can either mean you do not try, or you don't get to the point where an activity is interesting. Like I said, any activity can become satisfying. Any. Even if you don't like it, you can train yourself to push through it and afterwards you will get the reward when you see that you have done it. Try to push yourself a little. Expand. And do the boring stuff. Trust me, you will not regret it. Life is tedious and exhausting but if you quit at that point, everything will be a tedium. If you push onward, you will reach the point where the tedious stuff pays off in satisfaction.

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