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Daily Journal - Miguel


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Before diving in todays topic, I want mention something. I liked yesterday mission because to me it was about thinking about my problems, and coming up with a strategy to deal with them. I listed many things I am afraid of and decided to face my fear of heights. However, I think some of the fears I mentioned need more urgent care. Today I had an idea that can work for my fear of taking risks. I think that enrolling in a course of improvisation might help to solve it, because in improvisation one needs to take risks all the time. In addition it may also improve my social skills making me more confident and more espontaneous. This year I saw something on the university here but didn't dare to try because it was in German. But now if I think about it, this was probably more of a excuse that a real reason to not do it. I want to do it next round and it is going to be in my vision board for the next year.


Day 16 - Social intelligence,


Today's challenge was very interesting. It is amazing to see how something that you normally don't pay much attention, at least not consciously, make such a huge difference in the social level. Many times I wondered why I was not able to make rapport and have a nice conversation. Today I might have found an answer, I guess I was using to much of seeking rapport tune. It was nice to realize that, it made me conscious of the problem and now I have the opportunity to improve it. Thanks Cam, once more! ;)


If you are curious about my recording, you can hear it in the file attached. This was my third tentative after the first recording. Be aware it is far from good, but for sure it sounds better than the first one.   


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