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Again and again until it works


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Scratch that. Receive my report card today. I got a 84 average, and the b* of it all is that if I had gotten to work faster, I would have at least a 93 or more! I didn't manage to get all my assignments in on time and that really lowered my grade. Damn the regrets!

Adding new goal:

  • 95 Average by the end of the year

I'm modifying my gym goal to working out once every other day on weights and maybe cardio either after the session or during the next day. I'll have to research whether cardio interferes with muscle repairing. Been just watching Netflix after the gym. The time is 7pm, and I think I'm just going to do work now because I'm so disappointed. 

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Hey it always sucks to stay behind your own expectations. But after the disappointment weakened a bit check all the things out you improved so far all ready. Some self criticism can be helpful but we often forget to acknowledge the things which we are doing good. Basically we should treat our self like a good friend imho. We can't let ourself do too much stupid shit but if we do some bad things it doesn't matter because we just really like ourselves. I think that is healthy optimism and try to reach this point.

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I'm a very pessimistic kind of guy to be honest, but I'll start looking at the brighter side from now on!

And pooper! I broke my streak of no gaming. I launched Fallout 4 for 2 hours today because I had a lot of free time. Honestly, I didn't feel much enjoyment from it. Not really regretful but it assures me that I have no interest in gaming anymore.

Back on Day 1!

Gonna be going out with my friends today to relax and then I'm going to hit the road running tomorrow. So far I've just gone to the gym and did a bit of homework.

I have to fix one really bad habit which is it that I'm a very slow person in the morning. I woke up at 7:15 and didn't get out to the gym until 9:15 mostly because I was still fatigued. After I had my coffee I was up and going again so the first thing I'm going to do now is make myself a coffee :) 

Also I've been counting calorie counting today. I'm getting invited to afternoon tea so I can't really count those calories, but I'll eat in moderation and guesstimate to still be under 2400 calories. Might start posting my daily diet and exercise routine every so often to give you guys a rough idea of my progress.

Hope you lads have a great day! 

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