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Travelling with low budget


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This is an article written by a free spirit and dear friend of mine on travelling with very few funds. She started her journey a year ago and has travelled much of the world. Since the moment I had the great privilege of meeting her she instantly became a role-model. Here's the link:


Do you have any travelling experiences? If you have tips or stories, please share them here. Inspire and educate other travelers and aspiring adventurers in their quests! 

Preferred topics:

- Mustering the courage to get out the house and explore the bigger world.

- Surviving in a foreign country.

- Travelling in your own country.

- Meeting people: stories of friendship and solidarity.

- Trouble! And how to solve it. Travel safe and responsible.

- Working abroad to survive and keep your travels going.


Don't hesitate in spamming links and sources. All useful content is welcome!

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I travelled a lot with few budget with scouts.

Probably because I didn't care about luxuries and quality of place where I wanted to be, in most cases we only needed tents and the basic things with us to survive in the middle of the wild nature.

This way I travelled through many beautiful places in Poland, but I haven't tried do it abroad yet.

Hitchhiking is also a good way to have a free transport through almost everywhere (If you're beauty enough :D )

Greetings, Mad Pharmacist

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I've tried Wwoof-ing on a few farms some years ago and I've used couchsurfing.org a bit whole traveling within the US, both are great resources and you can really meet some awesome people this way. I also have done a bunch of hitchhiking in some parts of the US (namely California and Maine) and contrary to some people's popular belief hitchhiking is quite safe in 99.9% of the country. I had a fantastic time hitchhiking in Maine especially and doing a big triangle between Portland, Acadia National Park and Mt. Katahdin. There are a lot of interesting characters you meet this way you would never meet otherwise. One ride can be a 18 year old dude driving "his pa's logging rig," overloaded by 20 tons of logs over the legal limit to make some cash and thinking about the next stripper he's going to meet, while 10 minutes later the next might be a very eloquent semi-famous poet who just came back from a poetry in festival Israel on world peace talking to you about transcendental meditation, then maybe you can jump in the back of a truck of some hunters who just came back from hunting moose. It teaches you you don't have to agree with people but they can nevertheless be very interesting : ) I highly recommend hitchhiking to everyone as something interesting to do while young; I have also met two women who have traveled all over the world, not just the US, much more than me, hitchhiking alone and able to stay safe the whole time, which I thought very inspiring.

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