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NEW VIDEO: The EASIEST Way to Stop Gaming

Today is my birthday and I did not preorder Bf1


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Boy was I looking forward to this day. One of the most anticipated games was going to be released one day before my birthday. Wow! It hurt for a while thinking about that.

However I asked Cam about this too and he told me the day he decided to quit gaming forever was also around the time where Starcraft 2 was released ( and he was a SC pro back in his old days) That opend my eyes, if he can do it I can do it too.



So, a few months ago I decided - out of my very own will that this was not the future I was going to pursue.  A life of insignificance, always the feeling of living under my potential, stuck wasting my energy on video games. Today I remember the BAD old times I had with gaming, how I was often angry when there was no good server with my favorite playmode, how I got frustrated when others who even spent MORE time on games were better than me, how my worst nightmare was my computer/internet not working, how I actually was often bored and swapping from game to game in search of that sweet sticky bit of entertainment and gratification.


While all the time the true key to happiness was out there in the real world.


2016 was big for me. I married, turned 30 as of today and I decided to pursue bigger goals and dreams in my life. You - Cam and the community have been the best birthday present I could have wished for.


The road is still very bumpy ahead, I am still in need of finding hobbies, still my day needs a lot more structure but I learned a ton about myself in these 71 days. Mostly I learned how to get a new perspective! I also didn't have a single (bad) argument with my wife since I quit. None of the "you don't have any ambition" "You never stick to your word" and "you never get any of your stuff done"


That is already huge for me! So in retrospect I AM looking forward for my next birthday 2017 and what I will achieve then.

Thank you everyone for just being there and being awesome  :)



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While all the time the true key to happiness was out there in the real world.

Happppppy birthday Lukas xDCouldnt agree more on your words!!! 

I was also feeling hurt when I heard the game I had been waiting for 3 years would finally be released next year March. This game series once was my main composition of life and it was the reason why I wanted to work in the game field...However,  I heard from the game company that they made games for people to get relaxed and comforted, thus having the courage to face the real life. So after benefiting from the game for several years, I guess this is the time to pass on and continue our journey. I believe what truly important are the things in our real life, but not the fake world.(I shouted on my parents before when I was annoyed by the game servers and I am extremely regret for it:/)

So lets consider the option of relapse as unavailable. We can be grateful for what games offered before, but how the game will be developed from now on is unrelated to us and we don't have to access the game's future.

I am happy that you can learn more about yourself and hope that you can find your hobbies ;) and also achieve what you want



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When I turned 30 my sister sent me a sympathy card in the mail!  hahahahha  The next day I got the birthday card.

Happy 30! Huge Birthday!

By now you may have your 90 days.  I hope so :)

I too had a fantasy of starting a game from focus beta stage.  There are better goals in my life.  How many years would I have wasted on that! lol


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