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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hello fellow game quitters!


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Hey there you beautiful people.


 I'm a 19 yo male from Finland who has played games all his life. I remember playing  age of empires with my dad before I could even read any language. I got hooked on games pretty quickly and at around 12 years after my birth I was already a video game addict. Multiplayer games were always a great substitute for friendships, soon I became isolated from outside world and started to stay home and play all day. I can remember some gaming communities that were like families to me, I would meet my online "friends" and have a great time with them. I did not see the problem with playing and being antisocial, heck, I even thought I was being social when talking to strangers on internet.


At around age of 18 I realized gaming had became a problem. I felt lonely and depressed instantly after being without my games. I tried to quit, many times in fact, but my breaks from gaming went from day to maximum two weeks. I started hating myself for not having friends or control of my own life. I became depressed, got diagnosed with moderate depression and started doing SSRI meds. This was the roughest time of my life, I hated every moment I played but even more I hated every moment I couldn't play, I was completely trapped inside my head.


Then slowly after the medicine started working, I had the power to make greatest decision of my life: I destroyed my steam account, account that had over 10 000 hours of games played and thousands of bucks wasted. There was no turning back, I had finally found the route to freedom. It was still very hard, I spend the first month binge watching every series on Netflix I could find. I was not living fully and I think I was afraid of seeing what I was, how broken I still was from gaming.



Last summer I met a girl that I really liked, and that came with realization that I can feel again, the numbness from all the ignorance and hatred that I had gained from gaming had slowly vanished away. We did not end together but I think it was a great help gaining access for addiction that was still somewhere there in my head. I became optimistic on life, started exercising daily, started reading more and filled my life with things that improve me. I also quit the meds and have been clear since, yay :D


Now, at the present moment, It has been over 80 days without steam. I still miss some of my online friends. I'm still very lonely. But I'm way happier and I know it is normal to feel lonely sometimes. I'm much stronger mentally and physically than I have ever been in my entire life. It may be hard to stay without games but I promise you it is worth it. 


Hopefully you'll understand my English clearly enough and get some inspiration from my story :)




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Hey qmi, it definitely sounds like you're on the right track! If you ever need any extra support, feel free to ask anyone here, we've got your back! I think it would also be great if you started a journal here, if you didn't already. I've found that posting my progress really helps lift me up if I'm feeling a little down. :)

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I take an SSRI myself.  I felt good for a long time so I decided to stop.  I was still doing good for about 6 months until I fell right off a cliff and ended up a big mess.  Don't quit them without your doctor's help.  I always feel obligated to tell people that when I find out they take an SSRI.

Anyways, welcome to the site, and thank you for introducing yourself in excellently written English!

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