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Everyday, night and day, same hours, same minutes. Before going to sleep saying " This is it! ", but as soon as morning comes i lose the will and come back to this destructive cycle.

Played alot of games, various genres, online multiplayer only; from dota ( classic ), starcraft 1, wow, world of tanks, hearthstone, call of duty, age of empires, android games, and the list sadly goes on.

I want to quit and i belive this place can help.

We as human beings are in in need of affection, communication and love. I will try to stick to this forum, so that my mind will stop wanderring.

Thank you

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I recognize myself in what you experience; I became furious after every night spent gaming and decided to quit, and then the next day I was back at it again.

But even though it seemed impossible, I'm done with gaming now. You just have to make the decision for real. When you quit, you have to mean it - and then work on improving your life, which this forum and Cam's videos exist for.

Welcome aboard!

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