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I was one of the first people to try to do Cam's awesome detox program. It was s fun time. I still cherish memories of summer of 2015. 

But I got work, got busy, I couldn't stand all this not-gaming, eating healthy, working out load and I let myself go.

As a result I sook like shit, feel like shit, not really growing as a professional. I am mess. 

Today I had to help my parents and wanted to attend a meetup, but I ordered pizza and gamed for 10 hours and everything went away.


I can't let my life slip away like this. I'm becoming a sad loner. I come to work an hour early to avoid rush hour, game at work, come home super late to avoid rush hour again, game some more, go sleep, wake up feeling like shit.

This is the last drop. I made some rules. I will try to follow them and get on with my life.


Thanks for reading. More updates coming soon.

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