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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

So I guess this is day 32...


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...and I really feel like my life is going in a direction for once, and it's a good direction!  I have a job I like, I'm passing classes at my college, and I've made friends at both places.  

The problem is, I feel like I abandoned my gamer friends, both online and in real life.  All I have is coworkers and classmates who only superficially know me.  Plus, I just downright miss video games.  

Anyway, with that out of the way, there's nothing witheld between me and you forum users, so let me really introduce myself.

I am calmkat when I'm online (not really comfortable with personal information yet).  I failed Purdue last year and my dreams of being a game designer were crushed.  So now I'm in biotechnology at a community college.  Since it was my gaming obsession that caused me to fail, I swore off video games.  32 days later, all I play is D&D for a few hours a week, the rest is consumed by work and school.  I don't know if I feel fulfilled, but I do know I miss games.  I missed out on Destiny's expansion, and Fallout 4's.  Now I'm going to miss the Paradox Interactive games' expansions too.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling post but feel free to respond if you have advice or just want to say hi.

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That's what usually gets me back to Hearthstone (new expansions and cards).  I want to see streamers play with new decks, and then I want to try them out myself.  
Won't we have a better life when we just ignore those triggers?  It should get easier with time; pursue what matters.

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Welcome! :)  I'm fairly certain that if you stop and think about it, you do not really miss the games, not deep inside. Otherwise you wouldn't be here, right? And about your gamers friends; if you want more from life than them, letting your relationship with them holding you back is definitely not the right thing to do. Also, trying not to come off as offensive: they will manage just fine without you. It's alright focus on yourself, actually, more selfish people living the life they want to live is what the world needs. 

Congrats on your 32 days, keep going like that and this'll be like a walk in the park!

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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Don't feel like you're abandoning your gamer friends: if they're not interested in doing non-gaming activities with you (assuming they live relatively close to you) or keeping in contact without gaming (also applies to overseas online friends), then it's clear that they don't value enough as a friend to respect your life choices and continue friendship through other mediums. Through quitting I found that some of my gamer friends were only friends with me out of convenience, and their only conversations after me quitting were trying to encourage me to play games with them. 

Awesome job on making new friends in different areas of your life (college and job), the more people you know the more likely you'll find people you really click with.

Well done on getting to 30 days through the detox, keep it up man!

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