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I'm done with games.

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Hey guys. I'm a 23 brazilian man willing to quit games for good to grow in life!

At my 5 years old birthday my father gave me my first video game. I've been playing for massive amounts of time ever since. I've played WoW and LoL for 16 hours a day MANY days of my life. I had depression, low self-esteem and few friends (who would game as much as myself). Today I have a healthier mind and body but still game for hours when I get stressed or anxious. I came to the conclusion that I game to escape from my emotions and responsibilities. It gives me a false impression that I'm feeling good and relaxing while I'm playing, but the truth is I can't control myself, I always game till late hours on the weekends and have a poor performance at college because I'm always tired. Also the 'relaxation' is an illusion, in fact when I finish a gaming session my mind is running faster than ever.

So today I make the tough decision of quitting games for good!! It's really hard to me to do this because games gave me really good experiences while I was depressed and it temporarily blocked my suicidal thoughts, making me feel like a belong to somewhere. I feel like gaming opens up a new world for me and in a way I love that world and will continue to love it as long as I'm alive. BUT THEN, I Love myself! And I Love my life more than anything! Gaming makes me lose control of my life, and that is unacceptable. I want to grow in life, and face my fears and responsibilities instead of hiding from them. I want to have full control of my life, and if games take that control away from me, then I'm done with it.

A part of me feels pain while I'm writing this, but this is ultimately for my own good. 


What's the reason I'm quitting games?

First of all cause it's an addiction, of course!! But also cause it makes me lose hours and hours of my life and don't get me anywhere, nor make me happier.

What's your main goal now that you've quit?

To start meditating daily. I like how it makes my mind still. (kind of the opposite effect of gaming xD)

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