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My Journal - Alex


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Detox Attempt IV – Day 19

Today has been a cool day in general. I got up on time, meditated well, and caught up with a friend in the city. In the evening I cooked dinner again, and I’m happy with the progress I’m making with being able to cook by myself.

Gratitude journal

I am grateful for having cool friends to spend time with.

I am grateful for the sun despite the winter.

I am grateful for having several pairs of shoes.

One amazing thing that happened/I did today:

Simply talking with my friend that I was catching up with today was a great experience, we were able to keep the conversation flowing for almost two hours nonstop, I couldn’t help smiling a lot.


Running the dog again. Better than last time, but not what I wanted previously.

Daily task planning ahead of time


Exercise planning

Same as yesterday, except yesterday I didn’t stick to my plan. “Tomorrow I’m heading out to the city to work out at the university gym!




Nope. I need new goals, and I’ve tasked myself with that tomorrow.

Daily affirmation


Fully cold shower

I chickened out today, but I’ll try again tomorrow.

Reading + taking notes

Nope, I got home from work real late.

Getting to bed before 10:10pm


Jar of Awesome


Japanese learning

Nope. Currently this isn’t a priority so I might scrap it for now.

Cook a meal + Cooking journal

Yup, and not yet (again).

Daily application of self-development skills

“Tomorrow I’ll make sure to keep conversation flowing, and using the ford method to come up with conversation topics if needed.

I definitely achieved this goal today, tomorrow I’m going to try be spontaneous with my conversation (no canned topics) by talking about what I see, the other person, and myself.


Nope. Damn! I need to set a time to do this. I now have an alarm for 4pm.

Guitar playing


Social journal

Not yet, I need to fill it in tomorrow morning.

What went well today:

Most things!

What didn’t go well today:

Being slow when it came to household tasks. I listened to music which made it more fun, but also made me focus less.

What I could have done to make my day better:

I could have timed myself to do things that I knew would need hurrying.

What I will do differently tomorrow:

Time myself doing repetitive or other time-consuming tasks.

Photo Stream

This is another favourite I took whilst on my recent skiing trip.


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Your gradual goals look cool! Keep it up!

Sorry to mislead you, but they are actually ones I had from a few months ago, I left them there so that I would see them and replace them. As of yet I don't have new goals to replace them, so I'll be working on them soon. I'll be keeping the same format though, thanks for the support!

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Quick update:

The start of this week has been a blur of activity: University has started and I’m going through the motions again. Yesterday I attended a meeting and induction for the robotics association at university, it was a crucial step for me to get started with robotics at university.

Recently I cooked dinner with my brother and it was a great bonding experience. We prepared enough food to last us two days!

I’m very happy with the papers I’m doing this semester, they’re generally the ones I’m most interested in.

Today I was voted as a class representative for my entrepreneurial paper, and I’m very happy with this outcome and my improvised speech I made today for it.

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GQ post 30.7.2017

Today has been an average day. I got up late due to tiredness, and procrastinated in the morning quite a lot before getting anything done. I had a call with my accountability partner though, and I’ve reflected yet again that I need to be posting here daily to keep on track with self-development. I got some studying done and worked in the evening.


Post for yesterday:

Today has been relatively good day; I had an early start, worked out with a friend, and managed to get some decent work done. I wrote in my planner as a reflection to keep focused when studying.


Post for today:

Today has been another decent day. My muscles and back are sore from the workout yesterday, and I walked the dog instead of going to the gym. My downfall has been not making use of my time travelling. A lot of my time that could be used for studying has been taken up by non-curricular activities, namely robotics today (2.5+ hours!). To make sure I’m keeping up with my coursework, I’ll need to use my travel time wisely. Even if I’m all caught up (unlikely), I can always finish an email to one of my pen pals.

I'm grateful for the robotics club at university.

I'm grateful for the leadership roles I've picked up recently.

I'm grateful for having programming experience.

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My post for yesterday: 

Today has been a relatively relaxed day. I walked the dog in the morning (I was still sore from my last workout with a friend!) and went to university as usual. I had my first meeting with my innovent team, which is an entrepreneurialism paper I'm doing similar to the social innovation competition I did earlier this year. The meeting went well, and as the team leader I think I did a good job. Next time I'll just need to be a little more cautious about how much it appears I need reassurance, as I asked someone afterwards about a couple things. Feedback is always good though. I also had a meeting with my lecturers for that paper, as I'm one of the class representatives. It was a good conversation about politics and the youth of today, the best I've had on that type of topic. In the evening I cooked dinner and did some chores, but it was more as a form of procrastination than anything productive. I'll need to work on that in future!

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Today has been a pretty good day! I went to the gym in the morning and did my usual schedule. I find I'm not performing as well as I did before the holidays, no doubt due to not going there enough during the holidays and last week. I booked in to get a new schedule though, so it'll be a great way to revive my interest in gyming. I had a relatively non-social day of doing study work and such, but I still didn't get all that much done. It seems that avoiding studying has been a theme recently through procrastination and doing other jobs that aren't course related. I'll simply need to work harder! In the evening I did some robotics with my team and we continued prototyping stuff. It has been really interesting for me to learn about the different parts that go into a metal based piece of machinery and the mechanisms, I've really enjoyed it there. I've also started listening to Cam's podcast again, it has actually been really helpful for me to reflect.

I'm grateful for a purring cat on my lap.

I'm grateful for the flexibility of doing one of my papers online.

I'm grateful for being able to go to a ball this weekend!

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The weekend has been a blast! I worked on Friday night, went to the university ball on Saturday night, and went to a friend's leaving party on Sunday night. It resulted in me being very tired on Monday. I also had time during the day on both weekend days which I could have spent more wisely, so I need to be more conscious of that in future.

Today has been an average day of working; I unfortunately had to flag going to robotics to get more studying done though. I only got less then 3 hours of studying/work done, so if I want to do my best I'll need to make the most of travel time. I also want to do a weekly reflection again, as it would help a lot with iterating and learning from my mistakes.

I'm grateful for being a team leader and class representative.

I'm grateful for the buses that go from university.

I'm grateful for the dinner I received tonight.

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What's the weekly reflection? Like a meditation or a review of your activities?

The weekly reflection would be reviewing the difficulties encountered during the week and what I can learn from them. It is intended to be like an iteration process where I review what I'm doing before starting a new cycle.

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Today has been a pretty good day. I started working early at uni, and organised today's group meeting with my entrepreneurship team pretty well. The meeting went smoothly too, the only issue being the time constraints as we walked away not having clarified what we're to accomplish before the next meeting. I didn't exercise much, but I made dinner tonight and I learned a little bit. I didn't do any studying in the afternoon which was quite problematic; I've decided to pay special attention to when is and when isn't a good time to listen to podcasts and music.

I'm grateful for sticker time with my brother.

I'm grateful for rain.

I'm grateful for my dad helping me clean up.

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I love rain. ? So with entrepreneurship, do you currently have your own business or are planning one?

I don't run my own business or anything, but have been involved with an entrepreneurial competition this year and am doing an entrepreneurship paper right now too. It is really to get my foot in the door of entrepreneurship, but not to actually start anything until a few years time.

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The weekend has been restful and a little productive. I got the essentials done, but I'm still needing to do a little catching up on coursework and homework. I didn't go to uni on Friday so that I could catch up with a friend who was leaving for Europe. It made my workload more difficult, but I'm glad I got to spend a decent amount of time with him before he left.

It seem that posting daily is still a challenge for me, so I'll need to make sure it is a primary focus for my self development. A reflection tool is probably the best way of improving myself!

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What kind of reflection tools do you have in mind? Like the weekly reflection you were talking about previously? You sound like you're doing great as usual. ?

Yep, just a handwritten weekly reflection. Talking about it and actually doing it are very different things though, I'm struggling with actually getting round to doing it. Thanks :)

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Yesterday has been alright. I stayed at uni to do some work and work out, but the evening wasn't very productive as I procrastinated a lot. I didn't even get to bed on time despite not doing much work. Lots of room for improvement. I did sticker time though, it is a good reflection tool. I'll try to do better today!

I'm grateful for construction works.

I'm grateful for my phone still working.

I'm grateful for having a twin brother.

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The week has gone by in a flash! I've been reflecting daily on my work, which has been very helpful, and a good substitute to posting here. I've found that I simply don't care enough about meditation etc to use it, and so I'll just work on those small things one at a time. The first thing to do is post daily!

Daily post


Gratitude journal

I'm grateful for an abundance of food in my country.

I'm grateful for having an obedient dog.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to go to an awesome party last night.

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