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Hello everyone. 

I'm terrible with introductions lmfao, I'll try not make this thread too insipid haha. My name is SirJK, one of my many aliases on the Internet. I enjoy playing trivia with my grandfather (versing other teams), and I love listening to debates on podcast or Youtube. My favourite movie is the Terminator 2. I am usually always listening to music, Trance, Indie Folk, Metalcore and some other subgenres of metal. It's crazy how music will manifest the genres on how you're feeling at that moment. To me, Trance is when I'm feeling chill, happy and relaxing. Indie Folk is neutral for me. You're neither sad or happy. Metalcore and some other metal is a go-focus and get up genre. I would most likely play Metalcore when playing Online games.  And the infamous Technical death metal. ft Rings of Saturn , and Infant Annihilator; many more. Look, I'm not talking badly about this genre of music, I have only sat down and listened to albums like Infant when I'm on the verge of just wanting to disappear from Earth. For a year or so, I haven't been there. For me, my goal is not to head towards that path again.

Anyways, about Video Games. I have been playing video games since as long as I remember. I do remember playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas at least 3-4 hours a day after school or weekends. I was in habit with excessive gaming at least since 2004. I was seven years old at the time. Over about 2 months now, I wanted to quit, but "I'll do it later" doesn't work in real life, why would it work with this?I am currently 19, unemployed and playing Video Games all night and going to bed when my dad is waking up to go to work. I have a lack of social skills and have low self-esteem. My irl friends are moving on with jobs and non-gaming stuff and I don't want to regret not changing myself.

I'm nearly 4 days without video games and after a few days of watching Cam's videos, I decided to sign up here. See what people are doing and read some similar experiences. It's nice to be somewhere people can relate to me somewhat. If you made it this far, thank you for reading this thread, I might see you around the forum in the future :D take care bros. 

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I am currently 19, unemployed and playing Video Games all night and going to bed when my dad is waking up to go to work.

sirjk, welcome!
Does your father know about this? My best friend/roommate often goes to bed when I go to work.

Usually when he continued playing all night he feels pretty bad (or "meh" as he'd describe it).

What helps him, is having breakfast together with me and talking about mundane stuff. It's nice for me to have company in the morning and he feels less bad afterwards.

As a result he's not talking himself down as much and this in turn gives him a better chance when he tries again the next day ;-)

This advice is only useful if you relapsed of course...so chances are you might never need it! ;-)


Kind Regards, Chris


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