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  1. The transformations on the website seem a bit unrealistic. What do you think? Do you have pictures of how it transformed you?
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about specific languages. Once you learn how to program in a specific paradigm, you can just use a cheat sheet to look up the syntax for basically any language in the same paradigm. What do I mean by this? well, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Programming_paradigm for a basic understanding of paradigms. C++ and Python, although very different languages, are both object oriented languages. Javascript and Go i.e. are functional programming languages. After nailing the basics in each of these paradigms it's nice to look at some design patterns which you'll eventually going to need: http://www.oodesign.com/ (interesting ones are singleton, abstraction, interfaces, adapters)
  3. do you have some goals/projects already? If not, I could always use a python script which takes a file (with 1 hostname per line) and then prints to stdout the hostnames which are online and to stderr the ones which aren't. - chris
  4. Gaming does not define who you are. We all gamed excessively here, but I'm sure we're all unique and interesting in our own way. I think the core message of "be yourself" is something along these lines: You cannot feel what someone else is feeling, therefore you cannot know what someone else might like/dislike about you. Instead of imagining what they're thinking, without checking whether your correct, and changing yourself based on this... let them just find out whether they like you or not on their on own. Meanwhile, of course you can be the work in progress who's adapting to your own liking.
  5. sirjk, welcome! Does your father know about this? My best friend/roommate often goes to bed when I go to work. Usually when he continued playing all night he feels pretty bad (or "meh" as he'd describe it). What helps him, is having breakfast together with me and talking about mundane stuff. It's nice for me to have company in the morning and he feels less bad afterwards. As a result he's not talking himself down as much and this in turn gives him a better chance when he tries again the next day ;-) This advice is only useful if you relapsed of course...so chances are you might never need it! ;-) Kind Regards, Chris
  6. BroMoe, Mohammed! There's a move I made a few years back, which during that time really helped me. Now this method is not for everyone, because a) it involves talking about your addiction with a friend/family. and b) you'd give up some of your authority. So it's not a permanent solution but it helped me during the first few weeks: Reduce your own windows account to a non-administrator status and ask a good friend or a family member to set an admin password on your desktop. Doing this has some benefits: 0. You cannot install games by yourself. You have to ask for the admin password. 1. You "automatically" gain a partner to talk about your addiction. 2. Your computer will still be available for any other non-gaming activity you'd like to perform. 3. Hacking your way back into your computer as an admin is certainly possible but you'll think twice, maybe three times, before going through all that effort before sabotaging yourself. The downside is that you might argue that you're not achieving sobriety autonomously... but who cares!?! We're here in this community because we don't want to be alone, right?As long as you achieve your goals (within ethical boundries ofcourse! #winkyface @sjoti) How would you achieve this? 1 enable the admin account http://www.isunshare.com/windows-10/3-ways-to-enable-and-disable-built-in-administrator-in-windows-10.html 2 login as admin and let someone else set a password for this account 3 as admin, go to uac and remove your own admin rights. advice is always free and there's no strings attached. Do with it whatever you like ;-) Kind Regards, Chris
  7. Realizing how much time I wasted, for me, still is one of the hardest things to bear. (7 years). Most of the time I just tell myself that you cannot change the past and that I should take comfort in the fact that the only thing that matters is this moment. Right now, you can decide to do make decisions which support/lead to your goal!
  8. Hi there, I've been lurking around for a while now. finally I bit the bullet and signed up :-) my name is Chris, I'm 25 years old and I live in the Netherlands. let's face it: we all know why I'm here. To quit gaming. I'll probably mostly use discord since I'm not good at consistently filling in a diary of some sort. If you have any questions: feel free to ask ;-) kind regards, chris