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Internet schedule software ?


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Hi guys,

I'm searching for a software (or anything that will do the job really) to schedule my time on internet.Example 8 am to 11 am and then 9pm to 11pm... you understand.I would like something like this to be installed both on my computer and my smartphone.I did made a research on google but a lot of stuff there are so easy to bypass.

All ideas are welcome.

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If you use Firefox as browser you can use leechblock which can be adjusted in a hard way. But this things are bypassabel anyway. Maybe we need to find a box with a timed lock where you can put your router in.

Searched a bit on my brilliant idea and ofcourse someone else had it(http://www.thekitchensafe.com/) :D

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There is an app called forest that is great for your productivity. Here you can find it for your device: http://www.forestapp.cc/

Starting with the best thing about it: it works on iOS, Android, windows phone, chrome and firefox.

When you start it you start planting a tree. The tree grows over the time that you set it (recommended time is 25 minutes I believe). Every time you open a website like reddit or facebook (you can very easily add more) you get an overlay like so:


Which forces you to give up if you really want to do something else than being active. When the 25 minutes are over the tree gets planted in your forest. You can later check that forest and see visually if you did well or did not do well. 


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