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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hello, fellow Game Quitters!

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Hi! :D

My name is Michael, and i am a student living in Queensland Australia. I joined this community in a desperate attempt to cure my gaming addiction, and to give my life more meaning while i'm still fairly young. In my first post in the Daily Journals section, i talk about how gaming affected me throughout my childhood, and i describe things in more detail if you wish to give that a read. I'm not usually a forum/chatroom kind of guy, but seeing how friendly and supportive this forum is, it inspired me to join up! I love reading other people's success stories, taking in their words of advice, and relating to some of the issues they have. I consider myself lucky that i was able to join such a great community at my age of 15, as i fear the problem would have continued to get worse if i didn't. This has been the one opportunity to converse with other dealing with this problem, and i am incredibly grateful for it! I hope to continue to post and be part of the community throughout my senior years of high school, and wherever life leads me. ^_^ 

Thanks !

- Michael

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There are many on this forum at your age who were also dealing with the stresses of high school and game quitter.  It is awesome that you are starting now!  Someone you might relate too is "AlexTheGrape"

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