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my name is niels and i am here because i want to stop my gaming addiction.

i want to stop because my school is not getting enough attention (almost had to re-do this year) and im not living my life the way it is supposed to be.

dont spend enough time with my parents and pet, barely go outside and i only work one day in the week.

usually after school i immediately start gaming instead of studying.

greetings from the netherands

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Welcome Niels, what kind of work is that you're doing once a week?

It's interesting, because you can try to study outside like in the library or coffee shop to avoid distractions.

Trust me, it really works, you just need to move your body to one of these places!

Greetings from Poland, Mad Pharmacist.

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You could also try some kind of sports. I personally try to run 5 times a week, for half an hour each time. It gets the blood flowing especially good if you have to sit for extended periods of time, not to mention that it is healthy and you can do it anywhere (ex: not just the gym).

Greetings from Hungary.


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Hi Niels, welcome to the community!

Recognising how gaming is affecting your life both positively and negatively is a major step to recovery, and well done for getting onto the forum!

I'd recommend you read up on Respawn, a resource mad by Cam, but otherwise just keep us posted so we can provide the support you need! Feel free to ask us any questions :)

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