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Hello, I am the Frozen Turkey

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Hello, my name is Shaw. I am a 20 year old Californean dude, who enjoys a lot of things, but mainly le art of gaming. I have played a variety of games for nearly a decade. Gaming has been an addiction of mine for ages and to this day I still play games, some of which I DO NOT EVEN ENJOY. So why do I play them? It's how I escape reality, because quite frankly, I don't know how to face reality. 

Here's the worst part of it all. I lead a clan of about 100 people and I have led them for nearly three years now. I don't know how my clan members and ranks will respond when I tell them I am quitting. Concurrently, I do not want my clan to close due to me being gone. I want someone to carry the legacy, but there isn't anyone who is capable for the job. I just would not be able to forgive myself for abandoning them either. But I do want change. I want change in my life. I want to experience life to its fullest and playing games and rotting away on a chair isn't going to change anything. I have tried to quit in the past, but I've failed miserably every time. And so here we go again. 





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You'll figure out how to face reality.  You will quickly give your life and physical reality waaaay more meaning if you follow the program Cam has laid out.  It's like, these game developers have laid out all these game worlds where your avatar has a few abilities, and a set range of possible goals.  It's easy to plug in and start meeting goals... plus you have built this community which you lead, but the community is all based around a virtual space which has little to nothing to do with the physical world you live in.  

You're can now take your true self, someone who has infinitely more abilities than your game avatar, and make your own goals based on what's truly important to you.  It might take a while to figure all that out, but you're totally capable of it.  And once you do, your life will get better and better.   I'm in the early stages of quitting "again" too.  I think we can make it stick this time, though. 

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