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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

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Hi my name is Filip. I from Poland, currently living in US. I am 17 and I go to high school.

I can say that I finally woke up. Woke up after 7 years.

I write it in the night of my first day of detox. I always think better during night and  I realized that I wrote everything out of order. First I asked for a partner then I described my first day. Now I am laying in bed and can’t fall asleep. 

I have been playing games for 12 years. Everything started on knees of my much older cousin who was playing Heroes of Might and Magic III. I always liked strategic games. I had been playing chess, I had been playing sport bridge (card game). Actually I still play Heroes 3. But not that often. In last years of primary school my life was dominated by free to play games similar to WoW. After that I started to play minecraft I stopped playing it when I started to be interested in Lol. After some time hearthstone joined games that "loved". For last 3 years I have been playing Lol and Hs mainly. 

Games trurly defined me as a person for 7 years. Nothing else had so strong influence on me, that I can think of. I want to change it but I feel helpless and dont have exact idea if I am able to continue my "awakining" for next 90 days and longer. I am slowly staring to realize that I am leaving my comfort zone, the one I knew for so long, the one which created so many problems in my life.

I will repeat myself again but whatever. Today I woke up. I dont want to live like this anymore.  I dont want to waste my life, time and talents. I want to start again from the begining. I want to learn how to be a person that everyone can relay on, that everyone can trust.

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Welcome to life! I love how you said you awoke!  It is the truth in so many ways.  I used Cam's respawn to help with the early phases of my detox and his vids are very helpful.  I remembering thinking what if this is a scam (sorry Cam no offense) on the respawn but then thought, I spend way more than this on games and if I am serious on leaving games it deserves full resources.  It was worth it and really helped those early days.

Good luck!

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Keep going! I'm right there with you.  Just joined.  I'm doing my best to not think about gaming for now, doing anything but log into Steam.  I think we're going to feel uncomfortable at first since our habit has been so reinforced for so long.  Anyway, just keep going.  I don't think we will regret this choice.

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