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I am Marcin from Poland. I'm 20 years old and I have played games since I was 9. My 90-day detox started on 5th may and I don't have any problems with keeping myself away from the games and anything related to them, but I struggle with internet addiction. I spend way too many hours on the internet which holds me back from doing important things. It mostly affects my education (close to fail the first year of University), relationships and my organism/sanity. I don't know how to deal with that..... Even writing this post is really hard to me.

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Welcome to GameQuitters Marcin!

Is there something you enjoyed doing before you started gaming, or even when you were gaming? Finding a hobby will definitely help you move past your internet addiction. I would recommend downloading Cam's over 60 hobby ideas, which you can find on the GameQuitters home page. I wish you luck and keep it up! :)


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Hey and a big welcome to the forum buddy! Great job on starting your journey. I second what Paul said try to find something to replace gaming and your internet addiction.

I recommend starting a journey too as this can help immensely. :)

All the best! 

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