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  1. FarisK

    My adventure

    cold turkey!? eyyy thats pretty good!
  2. FarisK

    Feedback plz: 90 Day Badge

    I like 90 days Detox, it acts as a conversation piece as well as reminding our selves to get the poison out of our body's
  3. Hey Jake serious stuff your going through but through your words i sense of honesty and maturity that you understand your emotions. i feel like that is your greatest strength you should improve on is to focus your ability to be self-aware as you are now without putting all the strain all yourself. Alot of people tend to replay bad memories in their head like a record player hoping they will have a sense of closure What if Spiral, playing alternate situations on your head. but accepting that some things are beyond our control is hardest part but you can plan ahead so the next time it happens you can learn from it faster and not shifting the blame to yourself or others but seeing people as part of a set of patterns and habits if you ever feel regret or things you've done to others or yourself and can't make up for it simply ask god or whatever you believe in to bless them because when our options run out thats sometimes that's all we can do I hope that helped, i'm always here to lend an ear. may god bless you on your journey friend!
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    Hello from Portland Or

    welcome Zak i'm here to lend a Ear when you need it!
  5. FarisK


    Welcome Marcin! if you need a buddy i'm here to lend a ear
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    Another hello!

    Welcome jason! feel free to talk to me if you need a buddy!
  7. FarisK

    Faris Kudrath -Art Journal-

    thank you Paul A. That really means ALOT!!!
  8. FarisK

    Art section [IMPLEMENTED]

    I personally like Option A i consider my art to be apart of my journal but whatever the people decide i'm happy
  9. FarisK

    Faris Kudrath -Art Journal-

    thanks guys!
  10. FarisK

    Faris Kudrath -Art Journal-

    each picture is how i feel without the words
  11. Posting my day to day journal a little differently
  12. My Drawing Tutorials, really helped me out with proportion it is a youtube channel!