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Hi, Duncan here

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nice to meet you all. My name's Duncan. I'm 23, and I'm from the UK. 

I've been fooling myself for too long now that the amount I game is acceptable, which for those wondering was roughly 40hrs per week.

I've been addicted to games all throughout my life, most recently games such as Starcraft 2 and LoL. I've also been making excuses that it is worth while because of my very high ranking in both games. It's not worth while though; my regret is that it took so many years to figure that out. 

Despite all that, I have a lot of hope for the future; one without games. I will be moving to South Korea in September to study there and so my goal is to not only have detoxed fully from gaming, but also to not even consider it when looking for something to fill my time. 

I've been reading many of the journal posts and I'm glad to see such a variety of people keen on achieving the same objectives as well as supporting each other. I will look to also get involved in my own journal and encourage others.

Finally, I've already been cold turkey for the past 5 days going strong!

Cheers, I look forward to my experience on the site



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