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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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Hello , my name is Remigijus , I'm from Lithuania.Gaming took a serious role in my life , because most of my free time (I had a lot of it ) I would spend just mashing my keyboard.. So with time  at a slow pace I got addicted to video games without even noticing it. The idea of quitting video  popped in my head at the end of my last summer break . I had so many plans for that summer , but guess what I've spent the whole time   by playing those god damn video games  instead of trying  to improve my social skills. Every day I was stuck in the same mindset ''I'll quit tomorrow'' , but it never happened. After realising that video games are an obstacle in my life I took some action. Surprisingly I managed to reduce my gaming time significantly  although I couldn't get rid of them completely. After relapsing for the past 2 months I decided  to take the 90day detox and join this community.


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Welcome mate! :)

Free time is a killer when trying not to game because we know nothing other than gaming. Try to combat this by being aware of your boredom and then creating tasks and goals for you to complete each day.

Don't forget to start a journal as it's a major help with your detox. It can keep you accountable and sometimes it's nice to get thoughts off your mind.

All the best!

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