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90 days of succes!


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SUCCES!!! I finished my 90-day detox last Thursday. 

As a reward, I let myself play a small game. Just to see how it feels and if I can combine it with other activities or not. Day 1: 10 hours of gaming. Day 2: 12 hours of gaming. Day 3: This isn't going to work.. Day 4: I just need to stop.. So now on day 5 and I'm ready to go again for another 90 days or atleast take a different approach. Gaming doesn't satisfy my needs anymore. A day without games feels more like a victory.

So more about my 90-day journey. 

It's been pretty hard, especially at first. I thought of gaming pretty much all day long and I even dreamt about it, every night.. This went on for a while. At the same time I was trying to replace gaming (10-12 hours a day) with productivity. So activities that aren't a waste of time. So reading a book. Getting up at 6AM. Teaching myself how to speedread. Learning how to speak German. Exercise. Learning how to cook. etcetera. However, since I was going from 12 hours a day of gaming to a tight schedule all of a sudden, it got more and more difficult as time went by. I didn't want to wake up in the morning because of the 'chores' I had to do for hours on end. After a week or two, I couldn't manage it anymore. I went to watching movies all day, and wasting time though I didn't go back to gaming! 

After that I knew I needed a different approach. So I started experimenting with things. How to be most productive. Cut back some activities and leave me with some spare-time to watch movies or something if I wanted to, and so I did. I focussed on getting up early (6AM-7AM), reading 10 pages a day, exercising and working on my college report. It didn't even feel like 'tasks' or whatever. It came quite easily. It was easy to do, but also easy not to do. Except for the college report. That just sucked.

While all this way going on I came up with an idea to help with instant gratification. I knew this was a big thing for me, since even when reading I kept checking the page number to see how fast I was reading etc. I felt like I wasn't going fast enough. So to deal with this; after every 'task' I finished, I wrote down what I did and attached a reward. The reward always consisted of a number of experience points. So for reading 10 pages I got 10 points, because I didn't have much trouble with doing it. Writing an e-mail, 5 points. Working on my report; 40 points. Since that was the task I had most difficulties with. This worked out pretty well. I now have pages full of activities I've finished and I've earned myself a shit load of points. My productivity is higher than ever. Though I must admit that working on my report, is still pretty hard to do. 

Where I stand now.

So yeah, back to day 5 of gaming again. Why did I start gaming again after I finished my 90 days? Well, I needed to see what it would feel like. If I would feel satisfied after gaming. If I would be tempted to keep playing and playing. But also how I would approach the games. For instance, would I skip through text just to get to the more exciting parts, or would I take the time to read and understand everything? Besides that I really wanted to know wether it would be possible to combine it with my other activites, like exercising, working out, getting up at 6AM and my report. 

Day 1-4 were horrible. I was constantly gaming. But I realize that none of these days I was really satisfied. Gaming didn't do it for me. I wasn't happier when I was gaming. I was happier with being allowed to cross off another day on my 90-day detox calender than I was with actually gaming. So I want to see what's coming next.

Day 5 is going decently so far. Even though it's only 9AM, I've been awake for a few hours. I've played a game. But I also spent a little while reading (which I hadn't done on day 1-4) and I'm about to go and excercise (which I haven't done in like 5 days either). We'll see where it'll go from here. I'm happy with the fact that I finally realized that gaming just doesn't do it for me anymore. I've experienced myself that gaming doesn't make me happy, at all. I mean, I really like doing it. But only for short while. And only as a reward or something. In the time where I'm allowed to spend it on rest and relaxation. So we'll see. I might be doing another 90 days. Or I might be able to combine it later on.

Anyways, I know it's a bit long but thanks for reading anyways!

If you're going for the 90-days yourself. Keep going! You'll get there!

Stay strong!

- Mark

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Well good job man, but I see you slipping back into it.

You've had your little test now, and you've found that a) You played for long periods over 4 days and b) It didn't make you happy.

So get back with the program - in the gentlest way I mean!

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