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100 days!

Berry Lyndon

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My name is Nazim, I'm 15, and I've managed to hit 100 days!

I sorta forgot my login for this forum, so I've been keeping up on reddit. I'll be on here more though, it's a great place!

Since I spent like 45 minutes typing this up, I hope you don't mind if I just straight copy paste it here :)

So like I said a while ago, I quit on Christmas Eve. I added 50 dollars to my PayPal for the Christmas sale, and I had a moment of realization after finding the /r/stopgaming page on reddit. I uninstalled all my games and read up.

The first couple of days were hell. I was just trying to get by, trying out different hobbies that didn't work. I painted, read, tried walking, not much avail. But I kept going on. Gaming was the biggest problem for me. I may have other addictions, but none quite as devastating as gaming as this was the hardest to resist.


Over the holidays, my parents bought be a really cheap piano keyboard. I had a lot of fun with it and I've since bought a proper piano, which I've been teaching myself to play.

I've also been playing a tonne of table top games. They're awesome, and they've always been better than video games. In fact, I'm typing this before I'm about to leave to play Pathfinder at a friends place. For those who do not know, it's a pen and paper roleplaying game, and for those of you who were hooked on Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls or anything like that, you might enjoy this as a relief. Especially when you know everyone.

I'm not sure if it's a good thing but I've also been watching a bit more movies. I'm watching a lot of classics, and I put that previously mentioned $50 into buying a bunch of classics. My mother always used to watch them, so sometimes in the car we have nice discussions about old movies.


I've gotten a gym membership. Unfortunately recently my parents have been working a lot more so I'm unable to get a lift, however now I'm more conscious of my health. I've cut soft drinks which I used to drink by the bottle while gaming, the bags of chips, I'm sick of it.


I'm 15 years old (2001), however being ahead, I'm in Year 11. With my clear set of mind, it's really showing in my grades. I used to be a much better student, but I've opted out of advanced subjects because I didn't think I could keep up with the work. But since cutting gaming has been such a wrecking ball for all of my bad habits, I've moved up to advanced classes and I'm damn proud of it. 

My personality has changed immensely. I'm much closer to my family now. Because I'm in the lounge more than my room, I'm talking to my parents more. I'm much more respectful, and I really like going out with them to the city, or just for walks.


  • If anyone needs any advice, here's what's helped most with me.
  • If you haven't started yet, just go for it. Don't play in moderation, just cut it completely. 
  • Go outside! I've been going for night walks, and they're lovely. When you're outside, you're more focused on life. Yes, real life.
  • If there's any hobby that even slightly piques your interest, check it out. You need a way to fill that void after all.
  • Keep a journal! I've been reflecting on my old posts and seeing how far I've come.

Now, I've been getting really good support from here and in person. I felt embarrassed to tell my mother because she always told me gaming was an addiction, I was just too stubborn to listen. However after a brief "I told you", she's been very supportive and has been really happy that I'm making all these changes.

My friends were mixed. One of them thinks I'm trying to be on some moral high ground by saying I quit because gaming was a problem, which I didn't quite see how. I've been talking to them less since all they ever discuss is gaming.

Overall, I'm very happy with myself. This has been a huge change in my life and I'm using this first step to change everything.


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