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Question regarding card games such as yugioh


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Would it count as playing a game if i were to play card games such as yugioh, magic the gathering, pokemon, vanguard or anything of the sort? 

Would it matter if i played it via computer or via real life? Also Have a question regarding board games as well such as chess, checkers, Igo.

Would it make a difference whether playing in real life and playing via a computer?

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I would say it  makes a difference if you play with people you know or with random people online. The  other question is the purpose of your gaming. Ask yourself: do you play to get instant gratification? Do you play to escape negative Situations? Naturely this is more often the case if you play online, because there you can just log in and have someone to play. There is close to no time in between your want to game and your gratification. This is addicting.

In real life you have to meet with other people for games and communicate with them in person. Makes it more fun and the delay between your want and ur gratification makes it less addicting. In my opinion it is ok to play such games in person because there are many benefits(social activity, relaxing, challenge your brain) but to play online is dangerous. I played a lot of hearthstone( wich is a online card game) and had the same addiction problems here as with LoL. As i played MagicTheGathering in the past with friends in real life, this was never a problem(quit because of the money costs). Same goes for boardgames in my opinion.

The main thing is to pay attention yourself. Some people may be perfectly fine playing online the same way some people are perfectly fine playing a little WoW for 5 hours a week. If your not sure if you can handle it, don't do it. You can always try it out after the 90day detox.

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I also was addicted to the online card game Hearthstone and for me personally playing games like yu gi oh in real life, could be a trigger to start with the online card games again. It may totally not be the case for you, but I would suggest to give it a try and if you notice that it makes you get more craving towards online games, then I would also avoid this.

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