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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

UK AJ Ready and Able :)


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Hi I am Alex, or AJ and I am 24 years old.

I live in Bedfordshire, England.

I have been a big gamer for as long as I can remember. 
Played nearly every console I can think of, over a thousand hours in multiple games (even before I got Steam!).

I have used games as a way to escape from pressures of my life. Everything from family arguments to money troubles,  broken relationships and missed opportunities. 

This has built up over a number of years to the point where I now get physical symptoms from anxiety and depression and as I am sure many of you understand I failed to acknowledge these symptoms till very recently. 

Yesterday (11.02.2016) I decided to quit gaming. All gaming. To try therapy for my depression and to reach out to others as much as I can to complete any goals I dream up.

I realise the immense task I am facing, but equally I know that no challenge is insurmountable if tackled from lots of angles. If I have one thing its the chance to break away at my problems piece by piece.

So with that I have set my self a very simple goal for the rest of the week. No gaming. 

I am assuming that like me many of you have never had goals outside of games... I have always seen them as a failure waiting to happen. 
For me right now I only see the last ten years of my life as a waste of time and while I realise that isn't the best place to start afresh from it does give me the energy and most importantly the will to try something new.

I have looked around the forums a little so far and its been fantastic to see all the posts and responses. I look forward to getting involved myself and hopefully helping someone else in the process. 

Thank you.

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