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Hello... again,  

My last try to end with gaming and social media was around 2 months ago and it's lasts a few days.   

I'm feeling terrible. Tired, lack of willingness to act, sleeping around 5 hours a day and spend most of the time in my room.  

Now I'm changing my strategy. My goal is the same, but I'll not delete all games and accounts, I'll try to do something else to have less time for gaming. Additionally, I want to start going beyond my comfort zone and try to do something every day that I wouldn't normally do without thinking for hours about whether I really want to do it (often in the end it turns out that I don't do it and I'm just wasting my time).  

In the near future I want to practice my singing. For now, the dream to which I'm closest is to create a song, and my main is to make song with my favourite artist, but that's further in future.  

Dreams are my goals that will keep me on my way. 


My rules: 

- sleep 8 hours, 

- don't eat sweets and fast food, 

- remember about expanding my comfort zone, 

- doing instead of thinking and planning, 


It's all for today. 

See you tomorrow, maybe in my new life... I hope. 

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