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Journal - Road to a New Life


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16 hours ago, Pochatok said:

Hey, have you encountered the "mindful self-compassion workbook"? has helped me tremendously in the 'being hard on yourself' issue. perhaps, what you're struggling w/ isn't reaching expectations, but setting them realistically.

do you have an in-depth understanding of your circumstances, of your struggles, of your pains? how do your expectations take that into account?

different things are hard for different people- don't beat yourself up for the universal human experience of struggling ❤️ 

I don't believe I have looked into that workbook. It's tough, I've been so overwhelmed that I feel like I'm too exhausted to even process my issues any further than putting a label on my problems. "Putting a label" might seem like a reductionist way of describing my struggles but I have actually put thought into what my problems are and even some solutions, but I just can't bring myself to execute those things. I've been a mess for a while and it takes a lot for me to push for change. I appreciate your support in my time of turmoil.

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I ended my semester weak. Very weak. My performance this semester wasn't much of an improvement from previous ones. I haven't relapsed, but things have sucked in the last month. I'll come back to this journal soon now that I'm done with my semester.

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