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Breaking out of brain jail for 90 days (actually)

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Hi everybody 🙂 

I have tried to do this for quite a few times but I’ve always failed on the first day 😨 

However, I am convinced that I can do it this time 😄 

Starting tomorrow, I will stop watching videos, gaming and also no staring into space if the first two are done. They waste huge amounts of my time (screen time check: around 10 hours!) and they don’t even do anything. I will replace them with my hobbies (chess, sports, music, cooking, running, meditating, etc.) and work. 
Next time I am in a craving I might do one of the hobbies! I think that this will probably solve my life forever. 


I will think of day 1 as being the best day of my life!

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Just remember self-compassion. You’re trying, it’s really all that matters

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On 6/1/2023 at 4:02 AM, IlikeCookies said:

Day 0: Bit depressed, because of games. But approaching day 1! 



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Day 1: 

Oh no, I just relapsed – but just for a few minutes. Well, I guess I’ll still count it! 

I’m grateful for: 


Having a family




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Whoops! I forgot to journal. Ok, I guess that I'll pretend this is day 2 😏


I'm grateful for:

Electronic devices (but not the games on them!)

Comfy clothes

My brain went on a holiday out of brain jail

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