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Retirement Journal


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Managed to stay off games for 2 full days and into 3rd now.

Some realisations have really hit me this morning:

  • Wtf have done to my brain
  • Its all too exhausting
  • Why can I not stop thinking about have a 'quick game' (demon voice on shoulder)
  • Why can't I focus on anything else
  • I have spent roughly 30 years of my life (35 now, mega drive at 5ish...) playing these damn things. And for what? 

What is scary, is I am noticing similarities to when I quit drinking (23 y/o - sober since (12.5 yrs)) and that initial month was utter hell.

So how to get through this:

  • I'm done. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have made the decision to retire - for good - from gaming.
  • Steam, GOG.com, Xbox account - all deleted. Gone. Vamoosed. For good.
  • Streamlined my phone apps and seriously considering a good old fashioned phone and dropping the Smartphone. 
  • Pick some life goals (1 short, 1 medium & 1 long term).
  • Spoken to a good friend about this and he is being supportive.

About to look at listing Xbone on eBay then take dog out for a walk and think about some goals. Without podcast or headphones etc. Just me, dog and a walk.

I sincerely wish you all a good and positive day.


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Hi, good to have you here.

We gamequitters all got sick of being rendered exhausted and hopeless by video games.

Whatever you find working when it comes to streamlining/ limiting phone use, please share with me.

I have enabled monochromatic colors on my phone plus using this blocker https://www.stayfocused.me/ and was able to limit phone use by a bit.

Let's take this journey together day at a time.

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