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Day 16, steak since 7/15/2022


2 hours ago, rkalajian said:

Sounds wonderful! Being outdoors has done wonders for my mood since quitting. A good beer doesn't hurt, either!

I very much agree


Yesterday was fine,

But I noticed that I've been having a hard time waking up early like I wish I did

It's like I spend an hour and a half arguing with myself about whether or not I should get out of bed.

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Day 17, steak since 7/15/2022


Yesterday was still a good day in my opinion. But some stuff are worrying me...

I've been struggling to work (school work) as much as I want these past few days, and well... I just wished I was able to at least do 6hours of work per day

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Day 19

Yesterday was nice.

Worked on school related stuff for another 6 hour (two days in a row so far), and that makes me really happy. Originally, I wanted to work 9 hours... but well, I wasn't making any progress, (I was stuck at day 0 for 20 days or something) so I lowered the bar a little.

I'll aim for a similar result today.




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Day 21

Fine day, fine day.

I am starting to feel like things are getting somewhat repetitive, but I guess I'll just have to get used to that and find other ways and get a hobby

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Day 28 streak since 7/15/2022, 10:30Pm

Hey! Technically a month if we were in February

Managed to work the amount of time I wanted yesterday. Makes me happy, didn't think I'd be able to do it

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