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Problem with anger


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This question may not be about quitting video games but about life in general. I frequently have a tendency to become emotional when someone insults or provokes me when I am having a bad day and become very angry. This also happens when events are very unfavorable for me for example if the computer stops responding when I'm in the middle of an essay. I also get very angry and want to use violence (beat them up) when someone acts like a jerk to me in school when I'm already having a bad day. What should I do?

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The way I see it is that Control over situations is necessary to get our desired daily goals. When we are suddenly in a situation where that result isn’t coming despite our best efforts, there is a short moment when we can decide how to react. So why do we rush with anger?

With me, when I lived an urgent life, constantly rushing to do one thing after another, the very slight mishap could set me off plus there was this unhealthy fear of things not going right.

I asked myself why was i chasing one goal after another, and from what i could see I never planned my time but reacted to situations and had a very poor record of doing things right. This way, all the work just amassed and became hard to manage.

Another thing that helped me to regain composure is controlling my habits: eating, resting and entertainment. When I put that into effect I was more able to control myself in situations. There is maturity in saying no to an offer because it doesn’t suit your goals, your time limits or moral boundaries. 

Observing good and bad examples of conflict management and writing them down is a good idea too, because it shows you that anxiety and anger isn’t the right way to solve a problem.

Hope this is of help to you.


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14 hours ago, hemonkey said:

What should I do?

Having myself a humbled appreciation for my own deeply rooted problems I say see to it you heavily restrict or cut out junk food/drinks and are not depriving yourself of sunlight, nutritious food, quality sleep, or beneficial exercise and go talk things over with a therapist to help sort it all out. There can be a LOT to sort out and need I remind you this forum is public? From there you should have a much better idea what to do about all that. Best wishes.

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