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I want everyone on the forum to give valuable information on what the gamer is least likely of. We can therefore construct a picture of what we need to be working on!

My observation: a gamer is least likely to look after his clothes, keep them nicely ironed and neatly kept in the wardrobe. He will fall asleep in his work clothes because there wasn’t enough time to change.

Come on guys.

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On 1/6/2022 at 3:51 PM, Amphibian220 said:

I want everyone on the forum to give valuable information on what the gamer is least likely of.  We can therefore construct a picture of what we need to be working on!

I definitely appreciate your desire to inspire some kind of team spirit @Amphibian220.  Identifying the behavioral patterns we regret is certainly essential to recovery.  However, I don't mean to condemn your post (I don't think it's "bad") but I can imagine why so few people are jumping in.  First of all, there aren't many active users on this forum; you might have better chances to have deeper conversation on the Discord server.  Second, not everyone is keen to expose themselves on public forum like this.  Third, not everyone is keen to exposing not just themselves but "gamers" as a whole, which would include many of our peers.  Even if many participants are anonymous, there's an underlying element of "judgement", towards our selves and others, that can't always just be brushed under the rug with a playful "come on guys" tone.  Anyways, this would probably be a more successful thread in a private/professional setting (therapy, support groups, family, friends, etc.)

Anyways, I am making a lot of assumptions, perhaps projecting myself on others a little too much, so take it with a grain of salt.  I do believe you have the best of intentions and like I initially said, I do appreciate the "team spirit" aspect I imagine you're going for.  So, I'm going to contribute a bit.

I second the patterns you and @Nico Indigo have mentioned so far.  Another one for me is, as I am likely to neglect sleep and clothing hygiene, I tend to do the same related to food and cooking.  I often procrastinate on doing the dishes and going grocery shopping, in fact, I'm kind of doing that now (even though I'm not gaming).  I will often order fast-food just to "save" (*air quotes*) the time and effort by avoiding shopping and cooking.  I put air quotes their because, in the end, I often just end up wasting that time on instantly gratifying things.  Even if I do dedicate the time towards more constructive/wholesome activities, the poor dietary choices involve have long-term effects of their own.

Whatever people add here, I wouldn't be surprised if we could all summarize it as neglecting someone's needs (physical or emotional), especially our own.  Even if I stop gaming, if I continue to neglect other more important things, my problem isn't really fixed now is it?  Identifying these things like we're going here is an essential step but in many cases, far from the last.  I really envy people who can seemingly just start and maintain a healthy habit.  However, many of us aren't starting from that same place as they are.  Many of us have far more deeply rooted problems.  As much as I know on behavioral level what I could do to perhaps live a "better" life, it's not just uncomfortable to make these changes, it's downright agonizing.  I can't just change the way I behave, I need to change the way I think and feel as well; I need to address the cognitive parts of this whole mess.  And that my friend, is quite the challenge (if it wasn't I wouldn't be here).

If anyone has anything to say about the changes they are trying to achieve in terms of cognition, I'd love to hear more.  You DM me if that'd make you more comfortable.  Personally, one of the things I'm trying to free myself of is that all or nothing mindset.  One of the key sets of emotions behind, for me, is the fear of failure — or more accurately in my case, fear of making mistakes.  I'm afraid of being punished, despite my best effort.  A lot of times when I procrastinate, give up, or push myself too hard, it's often because of 2 things: 1) I can't do a "good" job and 2) not doing a "good" job is "bad".  Whatever the definition of "good" for the task at hand, it's a bunch of expectations I'm afraid or disgusted by the prospect of not meeting; expectations that are often my own might I add.  If my expectations weren't so high, if I allowed myself to make mistakes more often, making changes would be more achievable.  So yeah improving my ability to lower my expectations and wholeheartedly accept perceived mistakes would make a huge difference.  Not sure how I can put this into practice right now but I'll figure something out.

ANYWAYS, good luck on your path and take care.  Peace out.

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