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  1. Day 13 I played 1 minute. I really don't like the state of mind the game I was addicted to puts me in. It's low vibes. I mean ffs most games are about killing each other. I closed the game in disgust. I still consider today a success. I really don't feel like writting. I'm tired. Good night Peace
  2. Hey, how have ytou been in the past week? I'm eager to read you!
  3. Even Cam got urges when WoW Classic came out. I remember he made a video about it. He mentionned nostalgia. Sometimes I still have dreams about WoW even after over 10 years of quitting. Maybe I still have some letting go to do.
  4. Day 12. Cozy sunday at home, alone. Cold showers are now 45 seconds. It's getting hard. The water is so cold at the moment. I opened up a game today and closed it 30 seconds later. I was just curious about updates but I didn't really want to play. Danger zone. It feels like time went by so fast today. Maybe I should start tracking my time usage, especially online. I haven't done any breatwork in days. I don't know why I resist so much. Lazyness. It's not very pleasant to breath like a mad man for 20+ mins. But man oh man it connects me right up with the spiritual side of things. It feels good. I'm wondering how I could better motivate myself. Back to my book Goodnight
  5. Oh and If you need advice on men, I can't help, I'm weird. lol When it comes to dating, I don't play the seduction game anymore. I just be myself and treat the other person as a unique human being that I genuiely want to discover. Simple enough and it works. In the past 6 months I've been with the most amazing people. It all started to happen when I finally said YES to life and took another step towards fully loving myself, trusting that the the right people will cross my path. Vibe your tribe they say. P.S. you're cute
  6. Congrats Youcandothis, Icandothis, Wecandothis, Share all the good news you want, I'll take it and bounce back that joy right at you ! People on this forum are really inspiring me ♥♥♥
  7. Oh yeah, most def. I believe human beings seek meaning before anything and contribution is the biggest source meaning there is imo.
  8. Yeah I relapsed a couple of times too in the last 3 years to realize I was so done with it. I guess sometimes we need a reminder.
  9. oh and btw, thank you for that!! It's nice to see i'm not alone in here! hahaha You guys are great, I really like reading your journals ♥
  10. Thanks man, it's early after my most recent relapse period during the pandemic but I officialy stopped gaming 12 years ago. LoL I must have relaped about half a dozen times since. Growth is unlimited though. Anywayz, day 11, had an amazing day. Nature, sex and community. High vibes Tonight was kinda boring though. My diner was cancelled so I was home alone and I craved a bit. I managed. Now I have this nasty headache. I'm going to bed. Peace
  11. Day 10! I like this number. Makes me happy! Life just gets better when you live it, here and now, not lost in your head in some virtual world. Got lots of shit done today at work. I slowed down tonight. Took care of little things like eating well, cleaning and putting down some ads for the computers I'm selling. Spent some time chatting with friends and planning out my week-end. Tomorow is going to be awesome! Now I'm just going to play some flute and meditate. Time to get away from the screens to relax before sleep. Going to snowshoe tomorowwww morning in the woods with my friend. I miss the fresh air. Been inside all week. That's it Love you Peace
  12. day 9!! No games no craves My focus today has really been to love myself and treat myself with kindness even though sometimes I feel tired and bummed out and don't want to do anything. My true worth doesn't depend on what I do, but who I am. That's it Peace
  13. least likely to get 8 hours of sleep and wake up early
  14. Happy not too happy birthday ♥ I hear your pain man. Just keep going, don't give up, you're worth it. I believe in you. Celebrate all the steps you took, even the baby steps. I dont really believe in self-improvement. I prefer to focus on integrity, on being authentic, on being fully here and now and letting my true nature take care of itself. The real challenge is being you who are. That's what I focus on — becoming who I am, instead of just trying to chase my self-esteem at the end of some checklist of goals to achieve. "The reason why you want to be better is the reason why you aren't" -Alan Watts But hey man, I'm right here with you, we're all in this together, I'm still learning, I don't know everything, I just share with you what makes sense to me and what helps me go through this life. Much love ♥