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  1. @Schwing Have you read AlexTheGrape Journal? It's a long read. But he's got this whole thing about getting up, doing ten minutes of meditation, taking a run, then a cold shower... Might be something there.
  2. This is a test for a countup timer. Well that didn't work
  3. Day 13 10:00 AM The leaves are changing colors. Soon they will be falling from the trees. Winter has come early and hard this year. I am afraid of global warming. It is not so cold today. I have so much to do. I feel as though I am coming out of a haze. I can look out the window. I can be aware of my surroundings. I sat all last summer in my house with no air conditioning and my computer making the room hotter in one of the hottest summers South Texas has ever recorded playing game. I spent two months broke out in prickly heat all over. But my mind was in Ryzom. I didn't live in this world. I could seriously lose myself from my surroundings. I used to wish I could just live inside my computer. Wow, I never thought I would end up like this. All the hopes and dreams of a lifetime. All the times I have tried to succeed... Thrown away gaming. At this point all I see is so much nothingness in front of me, like a milk-white haze and then death. This is what I have left myself. I had a good friend that died last year. An older gentleman (possibly 85). I was friends with him and his wife. He had more in common with me because we were both working on fixing the computers for the computer club here. There is a person who was really truly my friend. If he did nothing else before he died, he showed me that. Funny I can remember his wife's name and I can't remember his lol. He told me when I turned 60 that I could accomplish as much in the next 25 years of my life as I had in the last 25. That it wasn't over. It's just a new beginning after 60. So I have taken these precious years and thrown them away with both hands. Okay, okay I remember his name now. God what have I done to my memory. One day at a time, one day at a time. I will not game today. The sun has gone behind the clouds again. My soul feels starved for sunlight. Even if it is cold today. I will bundle up and at least walk to the Post Office. It's only two blocks, okay three, from my house. I think I will make a new goal. Each day I will write in this journal. Each day unless it's really raining, I will walk to the Post Office. That should give me a start to my day. Bit by bit, day by day...
  4. Okay @rafik gk you're right. I am wrong. (whatever)
  5. @Cam Adair The pop out for videos works in Opera browser you may not see that pop out if you are using a different browser.
  6. When I was a young girl and started dating at fifteen, my mother and Grandmother sat me down and explained some things to me. How to wait for a man to open the door. Always have a little mad money with you in case something goes wrong on the date. That the man should pay for the date. etc. One of their pieces of advice was to listen to what the young man said, find out his interest and ask questions that get him talking about it. Then to listen to him. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If some person sat down and started to explain something to me in the simplest terms as though I was stupid, on a topic I had no interest in, it wouldn't last long. I would find such behavior condescending. Combine my advice about a compliment with Robert's on listening and you have a good start to a conversation. Sorry if this seems condescending.
  7. I used to have a copy of this. Good read and very informative Larousse-Gastronomique
  8. Guess I need to fix this. Almost everything is game related
  9. @Simon E If you can take or leave it... Why do you need to go play?
  10. kingstravy? wow really sad Sorry to hear that.
  11. I got my computer working by installing libraries from Mate. Onward to better things now. Still have to tweak puter some more but can do that later.
  12. Looks like you're starting to have High Quality Problems instead of low quality ones like I have.
  13. This is what we call stinkin' thinkin' Your disease is talking to you.
  14. I slept through the night last night! I guess my body decided it wasn't going to get rewarded with a game at 3:15 AM. Eating, hygiene, sleeping, not playing games. It gets better. Oh and writing here in our journals
  15. On 104 days I don't understand why people feel like after 90 days they can go back to gaming! 90 days is the detox. If you detox cigarettes for 90 days do you think it's alright to smoke then?
  16. @phpsmith ha I can't take the total silence and non-connectedness. I put Wagon Train on Youtube and use the little popout feature so it plays while I work. It's like having a tv playing in the background. Day 3! You're doing great
  17. Welcome Anners You're in the right place!
  18. In the beginning of my sobriety with AA my sponsor had me make a todo list. This was more an example to show me how many things I am trying to do in one day. And OMG! The goals we set ourselves. There is no way most people can accomplish their original todo list. And they are all stuff like what you wrote. Try writing a todo list more like: eattake showerno gameget out of chairchange clothessweep floorbrush teethcomb hairetcThen check off each thing you do. Those are immediate goals that give us a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. You can keep a separate list for long term goals. Learn SpanishWrite a novelLearn balletetc.Hope this helps. Ohhhh and maybe try issuing the challenge after you have accomplished the goal.
  19. @kingstravy I'm not really sure why you gave me a link to a game. Is that a game? How odd. I meant more like this Pendulum @Reno F I bookmarked that link. Thank you I will check it out more later. Day 12 Not sure what time it is... 8? I am cold. The day is cold. I am wearing sweat pants, long fuzzy robe, t-shirt, socks, fuzzy slippers, thermal jacket and coat, and hoodie. My fire is burning but that only does so much. I have put a pan on the stove for humidity. My life is so messed up My fault for sitting here playing games for a year and a half and still didn't get my damn character levelled. Playing as hard as a good for incredible long stretches. I object to a game that has years of grind just to take care of yourself in the game. Let alone developing a super, awesome character. My computer crashed it's desk top cinnamon It's in fall back mode Linux mint 17.3 I think it's a problem with the updates I just did. It's been making funny sounds for two days. I restarted and now it don't work Ah checked time on google it's 9:36. Well I'm running out of propane soon with the cold weather. My electric will soon go off. My check doesn't come until the 28th Guess I have to go borrow some money from someone. *sigh I hate to borrow money. If things are all shut off you may not hear from me until the 28th. God has his own way of getting me off this computer. lol If I was playing Ryzom none of this would stop me. I would still be playing until I was a cold, shriveled husk starved to death lying on my floor with the rats eating me. @Cam Adair Thanks for starting Game Quitters. I'm going out to face the real world...
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