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  1. This is my first day of detox. I haven't posted on a forum before, will be interesting to see what comes of this. I have quit several times before, but I intend to quit forever this time. I did an estimate of how much time I've spent on virtual entertainment, and it's a significant portion of my life. It is very sad to look back and think of what could have been accomplished during all that time, but that's what I did for fun from the time I was a kid, and now long into being an adult. I know this hobby helped me deal with some very difficult times in life, I had problems with people at school, at work, and with my family. There was a time I could deal with such things and work towards my life goals without having to resort to games, but eventually you can only deal with so much. So, not feeling very good right now, but there is no way around it now, I will be turning 27 this month, and will be starting my life over from scratch. Still need to finish my online courses, and get my career started.