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  1. It's great to hear that you're doing well. Especially with studying. Keep this momentum rising!
  2. "My self-hatred never took me where I wanted to go" - Icon for Hire 'under the knife' It's the quote from the song that I listen to lastly, which I think is a very good reply to what you wrote in the first paragraph. Hating yourself or feeling miserable leads to nowhere. This is a thing we often forget because human mind is constructed this way that it likes strong emotions like piety or depression. It's good that you want to break out of this.
  3. It seems that you already have a very good "base" to live a better life. If you could quit once, than you can do it again. Looking forward for your success which will surely come! Keep going.
  4. No problem. I don't check others journals to get post for post. Just trying to bring something into this community, which I'm part of. I just wish I had more time for it... Anyway, good luck for your exams!
  5. Journal entry #51 Days game free: 49 Procrastination free: 1 Yesterday procrastination got me. I was very tired to be honest, but I don't want to use it as excuse. Daily tasks must be done. Little cravings caught me lastly, like a voice in my head telling me that I can play a while. I know that this came from anxiety that holds me lastly. I'm trying to stay positive and keep in my mind that I can deal with anything, but this unfounded fear holds me. Fear, that I'm doing something wrong in my life thus wasting it, that although it's good now, it will all fall soon. Anyway, I've got to stick to my plan: living a better life.
  6. You're studying physics, or is it one of your subjects?
  7. Your detox is going very well! Just remember that it doesn't ends after 90 days. It's never ending process, where you shouldn't let your guard down!
  8. Piotr

    Army of one

    Agreed with Cam. Slight Edge is a must to read. Keep going.
  9. Grasp it with small steps! #SlightEdge
  10. QuittingGameQuittersInception Jokes aside. If you see that you're spending too much time on this, than you've made a wise decision. Hope that you will use this break wisely!
  11. I can see that you got this. Just don't let your guard down!
  12. At first(and as always) beautiful photo, post more or riot Secondly, I see you as a very successful person, in therms of game quitting and real life achievements. And I see you posting more challenges! This points out a really important thought to have on mind, that growth and personal development is never ending story. It's good to have you here! Yo!
  13. Consistency is a must! Keep it up. Don't be nervous about that meeting, focus on happiness instead.
  14. Resting is very important. Get energy to be more active tomorrow! And watch out on alcohol, some people replace gaming with drinking. You have to free yourself from addictions not to jump into them.
  15. Journal entry #50 Days game free: 46 Procrastination free: 2 I've got a little off track lastly. Daily habits needs a little bit or redefining to keep my progress rising. I want to: 1. gain 10 kilos(reach 80 kilos weight) 2. improve physical condition(get stronger and better looking) 3. keep intellectual condition 4. become a freelancer What Can I do to reach this goals: 1. I need to find a new diet and keep to it 2. Set up a workout plan 3. Read and study regularly 4. Keep learning website programming, I think that one thousand lines of code daily is a good start
  16. @hycniejsy can't wait for the call, as always! @Paul A. Your words of appreciation are really heart-warming and giving me a positive push. Thank you!
  17. Journal entry #49 Days game free: 43 Procrastination free: 2 I have a burning desire for being successful. I want to create a change, which will have a positive impact on human history. But in what field? What should I do? Is quitting games, with daily habits enough to trigger such achievement or is the whole gamequitters thing just a start? I want an answer to appear in my life.
  18. Those numbers from source in Cam post are nothing what I expected. Interesting. About female gamers, Alex the grape basically wrote what I wanted to add. I think it all depends on person but in most cases it will be about psychology.
  19. It's nice to see some more from Tanzania! Waiting for more of that positiveness!
  20. Journal entry #48 Days game free: 40 Procrastination free: 3 Lost consistency with my journal. Some kind of anxiety holds me since few days... This weird fear regarding many areas of my life. It's good that mediation gives temporary relief...
  21. @Simon E I think it's all about retrieving useful information. For me this book is silly when it comes to "mystical" shit, like dream it and it will come, connect with ultimate mind(I don't know how it was referenced in the English version but I think you know what I'm talking about) which will give you answers, etc. But for me it's genuine when it comes to topics like planning, co-working, changing your mindset and focus. Again, some things works for others, some don't... The thing is to find what works for you. Greetings, Piotr.
  22. Journal entry #47 Days game free: 33 Procrastination free: 2 Productive day. Every task for today, crossed out on my list. Lots of positive communication with colleagues. More positive and developing knowledge applied as mindset. Going strong!
  23. Good to have a note from you! Can't wait for December
  24. Journal entry #46 Days game free: 32 Procrastination free: 1 Going strong with weekly tasks. Yesterday, I wrote my plan/affirmation as advised in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It's really helpful, because with it, I had no problem to focus on my goal. Thank you @Robin for mentioning TheHonestGuys, their guided relaxation is really a positive thing!
  25. More posts with pictures or riot! Have a good time Cam!
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