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  1. Things are going well. More details to follow. Sorry I've been super busy.
  2. Definitely a huge difference between hanging out in a virtual world, drinking virtual beer till your character on screen starts performing drunk people animations. I remember thinking "Why on earth would you go out with your friends IRL when you can do the same from the comfort of your own home!" lol.
  3. Most people refer do me with -kun haha. Thanks for the advice I already started acting on it this morning from some pretty basic tutorials online. I also like the idea for a comic, sounds like something I would defiantly be interested in pursuing (maybe in 2 weeks?). Who knows we'll see how quickly I can wrap my head around it.
  4. Okay here we go Day 3! I write these in the morning because it's when I have the most free time so anything I do write about will probably be from the day before. With that in mind I'm gonna start setting daily goals which are subject to change because I plan on doing so after I read/glance over "The slight edge" again. But for now I'm gonna keep things simple. My daily goals will be 1 hour of exercise, 30 minutes of reading, minimum 30minutes of Japanese study (I plan to do more on my days off), 1 hour of drawing (as suggested by WorkInProgress), and finally last but not least writing this journal and staying active on the forum. Yesterday I did the Japanese Study and the exercise but failed the reading and obviously wasn't even thinking of the drawing part yet. Today so far I have done the drawing and went for a walk to nearby park where I did some chin-ups and dips for a total of 20 minutes, I plan on getting in another 40 at the gym when I finish work this afternoon. As for the Japanese study and reading, well I plan on doing the study as soon as I've done writing this and I'll have to squeeze in the reading tonight sometime (I try to get to bed early so there is usually only time to eat dinner and do a few choirs around the house). I find I have a bad habbit of watching youtube/browsing the internet when I finish breakfast which takes about 45 minutes out of my day. From tomorrow onward I plan to break this habbit and have a book at hand for as soon as I finish eating breakfast. Anyway that's all I can think of for today but I'll leave you all with today's attempt at drawing.
  5. Kuris

    Army of one

    Very good Idea! I read the book after Watching one of Cam's videos but never actually got this far. Time to make one for myself!
  6. Thanks Cam! appreciate the support!
  7. Cheers to a positive perspective aye.
  8. It's actually Chris (Kurisu in Japanese so I decided to mix the too together(sorry for any confusion)) but Thanks for the warm welcoming!
  9. Thanks! I was looking for a picture of a banana playing a guitar but couldn't find one so I drew this on paint lol.
  10. Okay day 2 here we go! So the other day (When I wrote my intro) I went out drinking for the first time in my life. And I would have to say alcohol is no where near as scary as I was lead to believe. Who knows maybe I'll end up an alcoholic. But anyway A Korean guy at work asked if I wanted to go drinking, and as you could probably imagine I was very reluctant to say yes,but in the end obviously did. I don't think I have ever laughed so much in my life. We drank talked shit and ate sashimi for 4 hours. He invited along one of his friends too who was Japanese so we had a pretty deep conversation about Japannese-Korean relations post WWII. This gave me a huge confidence boost in my Japanese ability because before this I had absolutely zero confidence to carry out a conversation with someone who wasn't my girlfriend. Anyway I've been reading through a lot of other peoples journals and watched Cam's latest video about having a vision and decided my next goal would be to make one of my own and outline the steps I can take to pursue it. But honestly I still have no idea what I want to do, all I know is I don't want to spend the rest of my life cleaning hotel rooms. I'm thinking of starting with something simple like starting my own blog or a Youtube channel, just to give me something to work on in my spare time that has the potential of becoming something I can turn into a career. I have been thinking a lot about my future lately and what I would really like to do with my life. I remember when I was in primary school I would draw comics in my spare time so I was thinking of learning to draw. I haven't picked up a pencil in years so I would imagine I wouldn't be drawing any Mona Lisa's any time soon but I gotta start doing something sometime so this right now it better than doing something later. Anyway I hope to have a better format for this in the future sorry if it seems like a mess. That's all for today. So it's time to get out there and kick lifes ass!
  11. I don't know if this thread will stick strictly to the theme outlined in the title, but I feel that the reason I was so fed up with playing video games in the first place, was because I felt so alone and disconnected from the world. So with that said, every single thing I have persuade, the goals, long and short term have all been motivated by the fact that I just want to feel a sense of connection to my fellow man. Before I dive any deeper I want to take the time to lay out my journey thus far so the people on this community get a better sense of who I am which will hopefully help you all resonate with my story a little better. If you haven't already read my introduction you can do so here as I'll be picking up where I left off from there. About 3 years ago, at the age of 21 I decided to give up gaming for good, I had tried in the past but this time I somewhat succeeded, but I didn't really see any of that success (if you could call it success) until about a year later. I uninstalled all the games from my computer and made it my goal to get out of the house more. in fact, although I had never heard of game quitters before I was watching a lot of self-helpish youtube channels at the time to try and feed myself with positive messages. I had this idea that the more positive information I could consume, the more I would be able to implement it into my life. I started watching youtubers like Eliot Hulse and consequently started lifting weights in my garage (I had worked out in the past but never with any consistency) I called up some of my old friends from high school and we decided to meet up, which ended up being just the three of us playing playstation all stars at my friends house. Sure we were playing video games,but it was a huge step for me away from playing games online in my bedroom all day. We started working out in my garage together which we did about twice a week. Things were looking up for the most part, but unfortunately one of my friends introduced me to anime which wasn't a problem at first but it eventually led me to spending hours in my room, which led me to playing video games again. I ended up hooked again for a few months ( I didn't really keep count of much back then so my time line might be a little off) and after almost loosing touch with my friends again, and once again, spending most of my days in my room alone and depressed, it was once again time to stop playing video games. I started reading more, not just fiction, but books about life, it's ups and downs, how to stay the right track, etc. I started doing BJJ which I had done in the past but with never any consistency, I even went into tournaments and won a few as well, although I don't train at the moment, winning those plastic gold medals was one of the greatest things I had ever accomplished. I started studying Japanese, which led me down a path that ended in my moving to a new country! If you would have told me three years ago I would be living in a foreign country with the girl of my dreams I would have laughed. And although things haven't always been easy, I have managed to make it as far as I have. From that guy who lived only to explore the imagination of another man, to finally being able to create my own life. One that I can be proud of. But as I said before things haven't always been easy. And about a year ago today, after my falls back into gaming, on and off moments where I would spend entire weekends playing video games, I started looking around online and found Cam's youtube channel. And after that? Well, the rest is history. So as you could probably tell it has taken me a while to finally making a post on the forum. But after falling back into bad habits, mainly spending hours a day watching youtube, I thought it was finally time to get amongst it. So here I am. And just as a little side note, Thanks Cam, you have no idea how much your videos have helped me in the past, but really, Thanks dude you rock!
  12. Don't let the title throw you off, I'm not trying to make something that has had a hugely negative impact on my own, and everyone here's life seem less significant. As Viktor E. Frankl (had to double check the spelling there) "suffering no matter how great or small will fill a man up like the smell of gas fills a room" or something like that (couldn't be assed to double check that one but check out his book "Man's search for meaning"). Anyway like most of you could probably already guess, I was hooked. I had been playing video games for as long as I can remember but things really started to get out of hand when I was 14, in high school and started playing World of Warcraft for the first time. A pretty common story I'm sure but it's mine as well none the less. I decided to quit gaming for good a little less than a year ago, and although I have been pretty good I still have my moments where I feel like I'm laying face down in the mud, and it feels it takes every inch of willpower to pull myself back to my feet. From when I first stared gaming all the way up until I was about 22 I would say I averaged about 4-5 hours a day. Sure I was still attending school but I don't think I handed in a single piece of homework and the only time I did assignments was when I was threatened with the possibility of failing a year. So I managed in the end to graduate high school at the age of 18 following a formula that aloud me to game as much as possible. After graduating I was given a job as a plumber for no other reason than it was my step dad's company, which is probably also the reason I wasn't fired and able to continue the same formula that had gotten me through high school. Wake up, go to work, get home, game, sleep, repeat. Anyway I guess you all get the idea now and this has dragged on long enough. Hi my names Chris and I'm a gaming addict in recovery.