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  1. The best place for a sticker! Mushroom guy is watching, so no gaming!
  2. I fully understand you. For me, nothing worked better to feel like you described, than taking action. Get the work done to see that you have everything handled. Greetings, Piotr.
  3. Hi, I can see that you're focused and committed, especially in therms of studying. I'm a student too, and I do this because I like to expend my knowledge and have a desire to be educated. Having a clear mindset why I do this, motivates me to do this. Do you have your reason?
  4. Very sleek entry, I like your lists. Judging by supplements, you're committed for bodybuilding, is it something serious or just for shape improvement?
  5. Great to see you focused! It's good to have someone here who is also into web development. Can't wait to see results of your work!
  6. Piotr

    My Journal

    It's good that you stay aware and think about your bad habits, change them into something good!
  7. Hey, great to have you here! If looking for blocking games site I advise redirector, which will redirect you to set site whenever you type game address. This works for me very good, because when I type something which I don't want to waste time on, like games, tv series, youtube etc. it redirects me to programming site to remember about my goal. Greetings!
  8. Good to have you back! Funny thing, I've checked your profile few days ago in hope to find out whether your in or out. And here you are! Surely you will make awesome progress this time.
  9. I've learned with w3schools.com and also used codecademy for a while, which is more engaging but less detailed than w3schools. Both of which I recommend.
  10. Which html and CSS course did you took? Can I have a link?
  11. Journal entry #55 Days game free: 60 Procrastination free: 6 Haven't wrote any of the code on Monday, cause I've had to stay at my work three hours longer. When I came back home, I've decided to rest after hard day(and weekend on university). I've also lastly keep on eye on my healthy eating, more variety of food and at least 5 meals a day to gain a bit of weight(although I think that I could extend it to 6 meals). Lines of code written yesterday(HTML, CSS, JS): 143 (HTML & CSS only) Effect of this code: Yeah, I know this looks primitive for today's standard but I'm still learning! Besides it's pure html and CSS, no JavaScript which is responsible for fun stuff. More important here were technical details, like hoverable menu(I don't know why taking screenshot automatically removed cursor which is over "left menu" on second picture), positioning elements on page and writing clear code. I defined my long term goal as "to start making money from website programming by end of this year" lots of work is waiting for me to make this happen, but I'm a hustler determined to make my goals reality!
  12. If you wrote more than Mad Pharmacist than you must be really good! Good luck with your deeds!
  13. Hey @Phoenix you are awesome for two reasons: First, you've decided to quit gaming again and live a better life! Second, you see relapse as a vicissitudes of life, which is another obstacle in our lifes to overcome. Some people see relapse as an end of the world, instead of looking at it as a thing that happens and should be that "spark" which creates a desire for change in us. It's good that you've pointed it out!
  14. I watched and read every HP part except the newest one. I'm master at riot magic, but no show-off this time, thanks to @AlexTheGrape who posted more pictures from NZ! I hope that I could see that beautiful landscape one day. Greetings!
  15. Productivity is a thing which really amazes me in others, keep it up! Also training communication skills doesn't come easily, but a huge gratz for you, for trying to change it. It seems like you're doing very well on your journey to better life, just keep going this way. Greetings, Piotr.
  16. Piotr

    Army of one

    I would go for it! Friends which are not closed-minded and open for new places, are the ones worth stick with. Besides, I approve what Reno said above. Good luck
  17. I'm learning to code so if you decide to jump in it, you're not alone Your situation with job is really tuff; I understand it, because I went through the same. Unemployed -> part time job -> shity full time job -> better full time job(where I'm now) and hopefully my next career step will be freelancer in programming. Just be strong, don't give up and keep going making small steps everyday! Greetings, Piotr.
  18. solving programming problem > solving a mathematical problem Good luck on your military journey!
  19. Piotr

    My Journal

    Nice compilation of wisdom with that list! Let's both stick to this!
  20. It's good that you're starting with simple little habits like cleaning. This is a good way to improve your discipline in other areas of your life. You asked whether reading can replace gaming, where once you loved it. I say, it can and I'm a living proof. After quitting games, I've enjoyed reading once again! Greetings.
  21. Journal entry #54 Days game free: 57 Procrastination free: 3 Things are going good overall. Yesterday and day before yesterday I spend with my girlfriend, enjoying our free time, together. I didn't wrote any code these days but today it really soaked me in. I learned how to write a new concept, starting from blank two times and when at third I finally solved it I re-wrote it again for better understanding. That's why lines of code today is mathematical approximal number. Lines of code written Today(HTML, CSS, JS): 78 x 4 = 312
  22. @Simon E It's our deal to reach 90 days! Let's live a better life! @WorkInProgress Thank you for your support. If this worked for you, then it surely can work for me. Lets both take a lesson from this and never forget about it. Journal entry #53 Days game free: 54 Procrastination free: 1 I've had a little mood swing, going anxious again. I don't want to feel like this anymore so I've started with guided meditation and affirmation to fight this. I found meditating as a good start to improve my awareness as this quietens my mind. Also combining it with affirmation makes it easier for me to get other activities done, instead of lying and pitying myself. Now I'm going to exercise and after that, take my daily task of thousand lines of code a day. I will keep a counter of lines to keep myself accountable, see my progress or lack of it. Lines of code written yesterday(HTML, CSS, JS): 183
  23. Journal entry #52 Days game free: 53 Procrastination free: 0 I've had a major procrastination relapse yesterday combined with drinking and youtube over usage. Situations like this, reminds me, that from the glider perspective you have to fall first, in order to fly really far. So I've taken additional steps and blocked youtube and pages with memes in my browser. Now whenever I type their address, I'm being redirected to a site about website programming. A good reminder of my goal. Now I'm going to take my affirmation/meditation session, to clarify my goals and shift my mindset. I want to be: - a positive change in the world - stronger mentally and physically - a freelancer - always aware of changes that should be done
  24. I clearly understand supportive motive. Same with me, although I don't have a family yet, I try to help my mother and younger sister, and of course I try to secure financially my future. As long as we take action, we are the winners and with time effects will come. This is what I believe in. Time to be a hustler!
  25. I see that you took my advice to post more pictures. So no riot this time It's great to hear that everything still goes good for you. Surely it will stay this way. Greetings, Piotr.
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