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  1. Planning next day is a must, in my case. Don't worry about that dream, happens to all and does nothing, except giving you a sense of what might happen.
  2. Love your pomodoro achievements!
  3. You're not being annoying. To be honest, every gamequiter is very important, because every of us is a better change for the world. Want to be very important? Just help others, show a way for better life and thats it.
  4. We all know this hard time you getting through. Although, you had a relapse at masturbation, you still have that mindset which brought you to a month without porn and masturbation. It's very nice achievement which you can repeat and even stretch it for a longer period of time. Just remember about things which brought you this far. Greetings, Piotr.
  5. Surely you will overcome difficulties! Best wishes!
  6. Can't wait to read a new entry, cause your life surely will improve!
  7. You've made a good choice quitting video games. You feel ashamed of your lost time because of gaming? Remember, that who you was, defines who you are, and it's up to you, whether you will be a better person, or not. Greetings, Piotr.
  8. Congratulations @Daniel!!! You've achieved so much and surely you will go even further! The most beautiful thing I've seen today, was your post about changing your life for better. Keep going! Greetings, Piotr.
  9. Thank, you @Cam Adair for sharing your thought. I really appreciate your activity. Journal entry #28 32 days game free Since I've quit playing video games, I've really improved. Exchanged night gaming for sleep, energy drinks for healthy eating, time killing for productivity. My life had really changed for better, not to mention relationships with other people. Nevertheless, I still feel like there is something missing. I think it's because of that, that my mind is very reluctantly rewiring to diffrent level of stimulation. Or maybe I'm wrong? What do you think?
  10. Journal entry #27 30 days game free I'm a bit tired today, so it's hard for me to keep my thougts. Thus, I will point out a few things, rather than writing a full text. Yesterday, I went running and made some pull ups on bars. Todays activity was swimming. Keeping my daily habit of learning website programming. I'm feeling that I'm getting with it somewhere, as I'm learning more and more about it. Tried some card tricks. Liked more "kinetic" ones like shuffling/throwing, than "was this your card" tricks. I'm keeping my healthy eating. 5 meals a day + healthy bonuses like juices, fruits, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and jelly for my joints. I need to plan more, because lastly I'm thinking, what to do next. Gotta write some list. Some weak urges and cravings appeared. Although, It wasn't so tempting, it was a bit distracting having some MMORPGs on my mind. Wondering what caused it. Gotta do a few small things and than I'm getting to bed. So good night gamequiters.
  11. I like how you point everything out, it makes your journal so clearly readable. Keep up the good job with posting! Can't wait for more.
  12. If you're going on a trip/camping I recommend to combine it with NO internet usage. It made my trip more valuable, I focused more on surroundings and stopped thinking about going online. Just disconnect yourself for a while
  13. Man, you rock with your achievement of 30 days without three habits. Nice picture btw. I love looking at painted pictures where you can see every streak of paintbrush; they just have soul compared to dotted printed images.
  14. For sure, programming is good if you like mentally engaging activity, also some logic puzzles maybe?
  15. 30 days without coffee? From my perspective , you've just moved mountain. Good job!
  16. Its nice to see you active in our community! Being social is the thing that keeps you away from games, greatly. Just keep going, cause you're on right path
  17. Journal entry #26 26 days game free It seems that my journal got a bit dusty. Lastly, I've rarely used my laptop, cutting internet time is what I'm proud of. After getting back from my trip I still had one free week from work(which sadly ends today ) I decided to spend it on renovating my room. Scrubbed old paints from walls, I've built a cover for pipes which were going through my room(it is planned to hold four led lights, everything is set up, I only have to connect it), applied primer and yesterday evening I finished on putting the finishing coat. Sadly, I didn't made it this week, but next weekend I'm going to paint the walls and change PVC flooring for floor panels and that would be it. It's gona be cosy! Gotta go back to learning website programming, I've neglected it lastly. I've never done a grateful list, lets try it out: 1.Possibilities to communicate 2.My family 3.My car 4.Being healthy
  18. In running you have to push your boundries, otherwise you will be stuck in same distance/time. Just don't give up, it's most important.
  19. Very nice progress towards better life, just keep going!
  20. Great work with Solid projects!
  21. It's good to have you back. Congratulations on your porn quiting and deciding on starting a healthy lifestyle! The latter, really changed my mood for more positive, makes me feel stronger and I rarely get tired or soreness.
  22. There is a bit of confusion if we talk about games. You should decide, whether your detox is about quiting games or quiting video games. See the diffrence?
  23. It is your most important turning point in your life. Just keep going, cause the path you've choose is the rightous one
  24. Welcome countryman! It's nice to see you joining this community and making a good decision towards better life! It's good that you have started your journal, of course we share in them private things, but remember that you share it anonymously, thus, if you write with care, you will be untraceable. It's good that you are mixing diffrent activities, this will keep you away from games. I'm trying to get engineer degree in mechatronics, what's yours speciality?
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