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    Journey diary

    Changing diet really helped me. I've gained a few kilos, my mood is way better and trainings are more valuable because of this.
  2. It would be weird if we didn't had memories about gaming, where for most of us gaming was a huge part of our life. The question is, what memories you are creating right now.
  3. It's nice to see you have started a journal. It's important to be busy at the beggining. It's good to have additional activities in case boredom gets you or you finish your daily plans far quicker than you've planned. Keep up the good work. Greetings, Piotr.
  4. Journal entry #31 47 days game free Great accountability talk with @hycniejsy! Can't even express how valuable are this talks.
  5. I don't know what you planning, probably I won't be helpful, but sharing this just in case, cause I'm always glad to help. I wasn't a professional game developer, rather tried to be indie. When i was gaming I was so fascinated about games that I've tried to create one multiple times using different tools and programming languages. A source code of my most successful attempt lays somewhere deep on my backup, I can search for notes, which were plans for this game but I think I burnt them.
  6. I can't forget mine ex after 5 years, but I remember that this is past, this is over. I just focus on other aspects of happiness with my current gf.
  7. Sometimes we overthink things too much. Same was with your podcast. It's good that you've made routine out of it.
  8. Although sometimes school work seems odd, it's worth to do it. Education is very important in our lives. Greetings, Piotr.
  9. Beside that I also recommend planning your day!
  10. Good luck on pursuing your dream!
  11. Nice nature pics; love them, but where is your new haircut selfie? lol
  12. It's good that you recognized sources, and got rid of them. These gaming hours added up to your experience of how games brings nothing into your life. Keep strong! Greetings, Piotr.
  13. it's nice to have an update from you.
  14. Nice progress. Surely you will achieve even more! Can't wait to hear about it.
  15. Journal entry #30 40 days game free I've got a little idea on my long term life plan, but I need to think about it more. Thank you @SpiNips for your advice, it gave me a good look at this case. Yesterday I went with my colleague for a few beers. It was nice to just sit and chill out for a while, by having a talk. A little hangover this morning, made me sleeping till 10am and procrastinate by watching youtube. Fortunately, I shook myself up and get a few activities done. More awaits, so I'm going to get the shit done!
  16. I love this type of trips! I also applaud lower computer and phone usage. Good work!
  17. Being busy, really helps. Which books have you bought?
  18. It's important to sometimes just sit and think. Meditation can help at it.
  19. Working out improves my mood too. It's good that you're taking healthy activities.
  20. It's good that you are having some time for relax. Surely you will find job soon, just keep looking.
  21. Staying out of the house is very important, I forget about it too often. Once you get more productive than you could try more house work, but for now it's better to build momentum.
  22. I must say that this is very creative. Keep it up.
  23. Hi Zeeko, it's good to read that you've started a journal! It's wise decision to delete all games and accounts, but remember to fill your time with new activities. I encourage you to get 12 years veteran achievement in real life! Where you will grow, develop your abilities and become a better person, with a life you are dreaming of. Greetings, Piotr.
  24. Journal entry #29 38 days game free You guys are right, I have nothing to watch forward to, living "weekly". I was thinking very hard about my life plan for a few days, but couldn't come up with anything more original or rather precise than be a better person. I've tried many new activities since I decided to quit gaming. Although, it was nice to try out a new thing and gave me new point of view on certain aspects, still didn't found anything which really got my attention. Like nothing can "hook me up" like gaming. I can live without games now, but why nothing can get my attention as much as gaming? Why my mind can't rewire out from game stimulation into normal life? This really sucks... That feeling, that I'm unable to define myself... I'm a bit lost and confused...
  25. Even if someone is not familiar with technology, he should try programming. Surely, it's very uniqe and mind-developing activity!
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