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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen ! Since yesterday i was busy i could not post . Today i went to take my swimming lessons and i learned some new tricks . As for yesterday , i started to feel despondent ... I was losing hope that things will change , i did not wanted to go outside i just stayed inside my house . I was thinking what could go wrong if i would start to play video games again ? However , today i decided that i will not give up !
  2. Today i went on a walk with two of my friends who are gamers . Today i started working out and i feel great .
  3. I decided that i will sell my battle.net account . The value of the account is 360 Euro but i do not know where to sell it . Can you guys suggest me a site where i can put it up for sale ?
  4. I am reading Ion by Liviu Rebreanu .
  5. Hi guys , Alex here ! So today was the first time when i used the PC without the intent to play video games . I now listen to rock music and i like it . Now i am outside enjoying the quiet night . PS : I want to buy myself a guitar for my birthday that will be this month on 25
  6. Today i read another chapter from the book i am reading , and i like it . Now i will go and listen to some music .
  7. Hey guys , Alex here ! Today i went outside on a walk with a girl that is my friend . During our walk i told her how my life is now better without gaming and that i am enjoying life . At the end of our walk we hugged and she telled me that she would want me to text her . We are friends for 4 years . I do not know what to do . Any tips about dating ? PS : I want to thank you all for your support ! You are the best
  8. Hey guys , today i met with my friends . Many of them were happy because i stoped being a gamer . Now i am feeling very relaxed and i think i will listen some music .
  9. Today i went to take swimming lesons and i read 30 pages . I am feeling healthy , happy and confident . Sometimes i want to play video games but i will not do it . I must stay determined ! I also want to thank you guys for helping me you are very kind
  10. Today i read 35 pages from the book i am reading , and i went out with my bike .
  11. Today i went on a walk outside and i started to read a book . I am feeling great !
  12. Hi i am Alex and this is the first day after i quit video games . I feel like my life will get better and better !
  13. My name is Alex . I am an 16 year old teenager male . I was a gamer for the past 8 years . Now i decided that i have to quit video games and enjoy life .
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