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  1. Day 37 I worked a lot, did a 10-minute HIIT training for BJJ, read some book pages, watched 30 minutes of an online course, and meditated.
  2. Just finished presenting my second course. I`ve received great feedbacks from the students! Also, that was my first week working for the new company, and it was awesome!
  3. I stopped gaming on October 17, so I completed 1 full month yesterday. I bought 4 exercises mat, and I`m working out/doing cardio in a daily basis for the current week. Feeling great. Also, I`m re-reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Awesome book!
  4. Completing 4 full weeks without gaming! Today I presented the first class of my second course (I sold almost 4x tickets than its first edition!!). It was awesome, I got so many good feedbacks! I had an english class on Cambly, and right now I`m just chilling.
  5. Day 26. I start the new job next Monday! 🙂 In two days I'll teach the first day of my second course. I worked out today, and worked on some job tasks. I'm not putting a lot of effort since I'm going to leave the current company tomorrow. lol
  6. Day 23. - Sent the documentation for the job position I got approved! - Advanced the process of the new apartment rental - Worked a lot - 20 minute of home cardio
  7. Day 22. Not much. Just rested and spent some time watching Netflix with my wife. Good day!
  8. Thank you very much @Commissare @Lampshade! Day 21. - I had my biweekly english class on Cambly - I sent the required documentation for rental proposal analysis (I am going to move to an apartment with my wife) - I had 8 sells of my new course (way more than the first opening!). - I worked out (I wore my BJJ kimono lol)
  9. Day 19. - I worked a lot - Meditated - Worked on final project of specialization degree - Sent documents for the new apartament rental Also, I received a job offer for the job position I was applying for!! I accepted it, and I start the new job on November 16. The company is awesome, as well the salary and perks. I'm excited!
  10. Day 17. I spent most of the day visiting apartments (I'm planning to move in a couple of months), and in a job interview that lasted 2 hours!
  11. Day 16. it`s holiday here, and I: - Meditated - Read "Daily Stoic" - Did some push-ups and cardio - Worked on final project of specialization degree (and probably I'm going to launch it as an official product) - Watched YouTube video with my wife
  12. Thank you for the support, @Lampshade!
  13. Thank you very much for the support, @Commissar! Python is a great language, I developed my major final project using it. Let me know if I can help you (in coding career in general, or even with Python).
  14. Day 15. I cleaned 3 rooms of my house, and now I have one room dedicated to playing keyboard, work out, and meditation. I worked out and medidated, and went to the supermarket.
  15. Day 13 and it was great. It was pretty good at work, I meditated, read, and studied some chess.
  16. Man, the "normal" for a respawn should be zero. 2 hours a day is still a lot, and since you have been really addicted, I wouldnt try to set any rules besides zero-hours rule. I have 5k+ hours in LOL and Dota 2, and I am 100% sure that setting rules like that would crush all my progress. Of course there are times that I feel sad because it would be easier to just spend my whole free time playing. But we are here for a reason. Don`t give up, please. And I totally agree with @giblets.
  17. @WhoCaresNot sure if returning to play Overwatch is a good thing, mate. Well, if it makes you happy, we are happy! But hopefully it won`t result in a big addiction relapse (as unfortunatelly I saw sometimes here on the forum).
  18. Congrats, @Band_to_the_Bone!! So happy for you.
  19. Happy belated birthday, @Shine Magical. I wish you the best, and may you fully recover as soon as possible!
  20. Day 11 was great. I had a job interview, and I got approved for the next phase. I also meditated, and finish some job tasks. Day 12 and feeling great.
  21. Day 10, I attended an heart exam appointment, worked a lot, meditated, and studied for a couple of job interviews. I`m currently working, but a couple of really good opportunities came to me, so I`m going to give it a try.
  22. Hope you are having a good night of sleep, @pepega. Coding might be a good new hobby, if you are still looking for more. Congrats on your achievements, anyway, Keep in touch with us here in the forum.
  23. I wish you the best, @Band_to_the_Bone. We are here to support here, mate. We can do it!
  24. @HaymitchHow have you been, mate?
  25. 14 days is an awesome achievement, @Hai. I`m on day 9, so let`s achieve our goals together! I also relapsed so many times, but now it`s gonna be different. We can do it!