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  1. Day 154. Feeling great, but tackling my PMO addiction for now.
  2. Day 100. I decided to quit my job and fully commit to my business. Feelping a lot happier! My schedule also has been great.
  3. Hey @Pochatok Congrats on your achievements! I'm happy for you!
  4. @DaBesthey, I just started reading your journal. You have been achieving so much, congrats! About watching e-sports I relate, I used to watch esports even though I wasnt playing anymore. I`d recommend you finding another interest that can make you watch as long videos. For me, it's Jiu Jitsu and Calisthenics. After starting to watch these kind of videos, it was easy to reduce the watch time, since there arent as addictive as esports.
  5. Day 93. I'm planning to quit my job and focus on my business. Not now, but most likely before July. I worked on my business for 7 hours yesterday and it felt great. I'm launching courses on programming.
  6. Just completed the 90-day gaming detox! Gonna stop posting achievements, and I'd like to thank the community's members. I have been feeling great, and working on my business.
  7. Day 87. Feeling tired, but day was productive.
  8. Day 85. - Woke up, and then took a cold shower - Meditated - Wrote the gratitude journal, and practiced visualization - Walked with my wife - Worked hard on YouTube, Instagram, and Blog content with my wife. - Gonna watch some netflix now with her
  9. Day 84. - Woke up, and then took a cold shower - Meditated - Wrote the gratitude journal, and practiced visualization - Walked with my wife - Watched netflix with my wife during afternoon - Did some exercises (pushups + crunches) - Planned next YouTube, Blog, and Instagram contents that I'm going to work on tomorrow.
  10. Day 83 Feeling great as I started making some small money on Amazon Associate by using my blog lol Doing daily exercises, and today is going to be my second driving class. Yesterday I had several meetings, including a 2-hour long work meeting, 1-hour YouTube live streaming, and 1-hour specialization degree meeting. I'm definitely gonna rest today, when not working on my full-time job, of course.
  11. Thanks, mate! And yeah, I'm close to finish the 90-day gaming detox. Let's do it!
  12. Day 80. No Gaming. Day 10. No fap. I'll have car-driving classes tomorrow. I have driving license, but I haven't been driving a car for 7 years. lol Life is great so far.
  13. Day 73. Followed the schedule I set the last couple of days. - Wake up, and then took a cold shower - Meditated - Wrote the gratitude journal, and practiced visualization - Walked with my wife - Studied Digital marketing - My job was quite productive - Did a HIIT workout + some pushups and crunches. - Wrote some phrases of my next blog article
  14. Day 68. - I started planning my next course launch - I had an english class on Cambly - I exercised a little - This week my blog reached 10k views since I created it on July. - My LinkedIn account reached 10k followers
  15. Day 63. I completed two full months with no gaming earlier this week. I can't even describe how great I feel. - I scheduled driving classes (I have a driver license, but I never drove a car in a regular basis). - Joined a Men's Group. - Improved my diet - My 10-day vacation started yesterday! - And other things.
  16. The book is about the programming language I studied and worked the most, C#. For now I don't have a writing schedule, but I'm planning to set one on early 2021.
  17. Day 58. Had to go to my previous house to organize things a bit, since I'm going to give the keys back to the owner tomorrow. I'm happy!
  18. Day 55. Went live on YouTube again, it was great! Also, started writing a book about technical subject. It`s probably going to take a while to finish it. lol Enjoying my job so far, being grateful for all the great things happening in my life.
  19. Hey. @Jason70! Thank you very much for the support. 🙂 I'm enjoying a lot both my job and new apartment! Hope you are okay, wish you the best!
  20. Day 48 Just moved to a new apartment, feeling awesome. I'm so tired still satisfied. Enjoying my new job, and planning new content for my blog and YouTube Channel.
  21. Thank you for the support, @championeal. I teach coding!
  22. Thank you very much for the support, @royal panda! I wish you the best!
  23. hey @bear, I'm pretty sure you are going to become more confident, and your life will keep getting better. And I'm happy for knowing that I helped you somehow. I wish you the best in life. Happy Holidays and New Year!
  24. Day 43, but gonna post about latest achievements - Reached the 1,000 subscribers milestone on my YouTube Channel - Almost 10,000 followers on LinkedIn - Started planning next courses I'm going to launch - Started moving to a new apartment! - Enjoying a lot my new job - Started reading The Secrets of Millionaire Mind for the third time. Awesome book.