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  1. Day 28. Wake up time: 9 AM. Studying: idk, I'm not counting anymore so I think I don't need this line anymore. To be honest I'm a bit clueless. I am not exactly sure what I want to do in my life. One part of me wants to push trough and go to university, but another part knows that it's almost impossible and I don't really want to go there, and should go straight to work instead. I also have pressure from my dad and brother, because they are counting on me to pass. But my mom said that she would support me no matter what I choose and that the exams aren't that important in life. I feel ashamed of myself. If I would just forget about exams and do my own thing many people would be completely disappointed in me. And I really do care what others think about me, especially my family members. But I want to go straight to working in software development. I am just a clueless kid having no idea what to do.
  2. Day 27. Wake up time: ~8 AM. Studying: 4 hours 43 minutes. Today was probably the most important day of my entire life. I decided to study on my own, so I don’t need to write those exams anymore. It’s gonna be really hard, but I want to make it. Now I’m a failure in everyones eyes, but I’m gonna prove them wrong. Starting tomorrow I’ll be learning Python programming mixed with a little bit of math and physics. After that I’m gonna improve my Java skills, electronics and then finally low level microcontroller programming and FPGA designing. I will still study subjects for those university exams, so if I decide to got to university I could do it next year.
  3. It’s okay, relapses are a part of quitting. Almost everyone here had relapses in the beginning. For example I’ve been here for almost 2 years and I guess I’ve relapsed about 70 times since then. And about 100 times more before GQ. I think my first serious attempt to quit was at 15, I joined this forum at 17, now I’m 19 and still struggling a lot. Quitting is a process, you have to look at relapses as an opportunity to learn more about yourself, analyze your mistakes and weak points and move forward with this knowledge. Also don’t beat yourself too much because of relapse. You’ve spent 18 days without gaming and that’s what more important. You could’ve played all these 18 days, but you’ve only played 1/19 of that. Best of luck!
  4. Day 26. Wake up time: ~8 AM. Studying: 5 hours 15 minutes + ~1 hour without timer. The weather was great today, it was the warmest day so far peaking at 23 degrees. I started my day by going for a small walk around my neighborhood. Then after studying all day I went for another walk in the evening. Even a small 40 minute walk helps to relax and clear my mind. Considering my insane pace at learning math and physics I really need to chill a bit. I am still way behind my schedule, but I decided to take my time to learn subject properly instead of rushing through. I might have bad results at my exams because I won’t be ready by the date and everyone will be completely disappointed in me. But it’s okay, I get what I deserve.
  5. Yeah gastritis is not fun but I don’t have time to waste. Also this February I had swollen veins in my testicles due to extremely intense workouts with weights in the gym, I was in constant unbearable pain and needed a surgery. So to numb the pain I’ve just played all day neglecting everything I had to do. I can’t let this happen again, every time I fail I learn something that makes me stronger in the future. And I’ve failed a lot.
  6. Day 25. Wake up time: 6 AM. Studying: 2 hours 41 minutes. I went to the doctor in the morning and was diagnosed with gastritis cause by H Pylori. That shit sucks but I'm starting my treatment tomorrow so I think I'll be fine. Also my sister came from Germany to visit, so I've spent the evening with my family. So it wasn't very productive studying day, but I've done a lot of other important things. So in the end I'm happy how it turned out. Also because of my treatment I have to shift my eating schedule 'cause my diet is very restricted and I can't cook myself because I don't have time, and I have to take pills before and during eating. So I have to shift my sleeping schedule as well. I'll wake up at 9 AM from no on. Let's see if it affects my productivity. I think it's gonna be fine.
  7. I absolutely agree with this. Motivation is volatile and it won't take me anywhere. I should focus on my routines (system) instead of my goals (motivation). I am not motivated to study every day, I am driven.
  8. Day 24. Wake up time: 6 AM. Studying: 6 hours 42 minutes. Not much done today because I've had headache since afternoon and it's annoying. On a good note I think it's important to stay consistent when your day is shit and something goes wrong. Also my cravings to play are a lot weaker today so I've decided to move my detox milestone from exam dates to 90 days of detox. I've been here for almost 2 years and never was able to reach even 2 months. If not my exams I would relapse at least 5 times already, but that pressure keeps me going. Also constantly facing terrific consequences of my gaming is a good reminder why I should quit forever. While studying I'm constantly thinking why I was so dumb to postpone all the important things.
  9. Thank you! I am taking 10 minute breaks after every hour of studying. I’ve been thinking about going outside to have a rest, but I don’t think it’s possible with my schedule right now. My only big breaks are for eating. I will definitely take a look at that book, but only in July. I have no time for anything but studying until my exams.
  10. Day 23. Wake up time: 6 AM. Studying: 8 hours 44 minutes. Today was much better. Still out of pace but I’ve managed to do a lot of work today.
  11. Day 22. Wake up time: 7 AM. Studying hours: ~6 hours (forgot to start timer 1 time). Yesterday was shit. Due to technical issues I went to sleep at almost 12 AM while being angry as fuck. When it comes to studying I can not keep up with my schedule that causes anxiety and make me sad and angry at the same time. I also was too tired to study in the afternoon so I just went to bed and was laying with an iPad watching youtube before I fell asleep. Horrible day.
  12. Day 21. Wake up time: 6 AM. Studying: 8 hours 46 minutes. Very disappointed in my studying performance.
  13. I've graduated high school last year and couldn't go to uni because my exam scores were too bad for any decent university. So I have to take these exams again in order to continue. The problem is that I've spent this whole year gaming and procrastinating, so it won't be an easy task. When it comes to hobbies and daily routines it all sounds great but my gaming addiction makes it almost impossible to achieve. Let's see. At first I have to survive next month somehow. I hope you're right.
  14. I doubt I would continue studying after exams. I would be completely burnt out. Most likely I'll go back to gaming 12 hours a day right after my last exam.