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  1. I'm really struggling to stay motivated right now. I am also dealing with binge eating and just feeling stuck with working out. Before the pandemic hit, I was playing ice hockey 2 time a week, lifting at the gym 3 times a week, and walking several miles a day (live in a big city and don't own a car). I do have stuff I can do now (running and kettlebell) but I have been really struggling! My cycle goes like this: binge eat, stay up all night, nap for 3 hours in the late morning/afternoon, feel like crap. I have been doing this a few times a week. This past week has been better, I only did it once. I know this is a gaming forum, but for me these behaviors are intertwined. I would include "gaming all night" into this pattern before, but since I cut off access to gaming I did successfully remove it from the pattern. I want to take a holistic approach to bettering myself, but I also have trouble seeing where the line is between "cutting out too much" and seeking a healthier lifestyle. I feel like so much of my energy is going towards just not engaging in negative behaviors right now that I'm not getting a whole lot done outside of this. I'm struggling! But instead of saying "f- it" today, I came here to write. What are some achievable goals I can set for today? 1. Get off of all electronics at 10pm and read until sleepy. 2. Plan a healthy and filling lunch and dinner. 3. I will not go to the store to buy snacks/dessert. 4. Close computer and put phone on silent, and try to engage with them with intention. 5. Get some exercise in (already got a long walk in and I will do some stretches/exercises for my back). I hope it's okay to use this forum to talk about some challenges I have that are related to gaming. I don't find myself struggling with wanting to game right now, but rather with not letting that desire to "escape" transfer to other problematic behaviors!
  2. It's been about a month since I've checked in here. Wow! So I did end up digging out my switch and binge played games back at the end of June. I ended up getting so fed up I got rid of my gaming system entirely. I have been game free for about 3 weeks now. I've been really enjoying life a lot more, and a lot of other things are falling into place. I find I have the energy and interest to work more, to take care of projects around the house, and to spend time socializing with people. This week, I'm working on getting my sleep schedule back on track, and I will continue to eat better and lose the weight I gained in quarantine. Overall, I'm really happy with where I am right now! Strangely, I don't miss gaming. When my friends who are still hooked talk about games they're playing, I don't feel the urge to play. I just think to myself "I'm not a gamer anymore." And it feels good.
  3. I have been struggling! I did a factory reset on my switch last time I posted and put it in a drawer. But a few days ago I got it out again and installed some games. My sleep is seriously suffering, I'm cranky, and I feel like I'm not living for myself. I obviously can't handle having a gaming system in the house, so I am getting rid of the switch--today. I'm sad to think that I will never play some of my favorite games again--single player games like Skyrim, where I loved getting lost in the world. I see now that this is a huge trigger for me--nostalgia and wishing to disappear into a fantasy world. If anything, I want to find more things to invest my time in IRL, so that I don't feel such a need to escape. Otherwise, there are less harmful ways for me to escape, such as books, or even a movie. One clear example: for a while I was playing the new Animal Crossing for an hour or so every morning, just to do my in-game "chores." Watering plants, digging up fossils, saying hi to villagers, etc. Lately, I've been spending time with my houseplants every morning. I have probably 20 plants and they're all unique species. It's great to tend to them in the morning while I wait for the kettle to boil. It seems ridiculous to go back to doing chores in Animal Crossing when I get so much joy from my plants throughout the day! I want to think more about this in future posts, but the hard work of the day is getting rid of my switch and not looking back. I've played it for 2.5 years or so, and while I had some good memories, it is not a positive force in my life now and has not been for a long time. Onward and upward. ~Coyote
  4. Hey RB1, I just wanted to say thanks for keeping your journal here. I read through it and it really helped my resolve to keep working on quitting gaming. It sounds like you had a setback, but you are doing exactly what you should be to get back on the horse--stopping, reflecting, and taking action. It's not back to square one because you learned a lot from your journey so far. You are smarter and more capable than you were before, and you know a new thing to watch out for as far as triggers go. Keep at it!
  5. I'm feeling angry, bored, exhausted... But I'm coming here to write in my journal instead of seeking out a game to play. What can I do tonight instead of gaming? • Cook dinner (tacos yessss) • Watch a horror movie (haven't seen Oldboy and it's on my list) • Take 30 mins to do a house project • Get back into a good book (reading the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson) • Take some time to be outside • Deep breathing That's enough of a plan...not much else to report.
  6. I've been really moody, tired, restless, and depressed the past few days. I originally came in here wanting to quit multiplayer games exclusively, as I had issues with games like Overwatch. I downloaded some singleplayer games on my switch and guess what? I played 30 hours of the witcher 3 in the first week of my "detox." So I'm back now, 3 days after having wiped my switch and put it away. I'm doing a full 90 day detox, with the goal to just not play games moving forward period. So far, to fill my time I've been... • gardening • spending time with housemates • reading • watching horror movies • working more • cooking I am happy with all of these activities, I just wish I felt a little better. I know this will pass, but it sure feels crappy. I plan to check in here a few times a week, so until next time... ~coyote
  7. [Day 0] Hi everyone, I posted in the welcome thread a week or so ago, saying I want to quit multiplayer games (I particularly struggled with Overwatch). Well, I spent my first week of "no gaming" playing 25 hours of an open world single player game, which was a slippery slope back to Overwatch. I ended up deleting all my data from my switch (only gaming platform now) and plan to do the 90 day detox, with the hope that it becomes my new lifestyle to just not game and that I don't return to gaming when it is over. I'm scared to go 90 days without gaming. It has been my solace and refuge in this uncertain time. But more than that it has been holding me back from achieving my dreams. I got my PhD last year and was pretty burned out after...had a tough break up last fall...and even though I'm still supporting myself, I'm just not going for what I truly want. I'm settling for the bare minimum of what's required of me career-wise. I want to reignite my passion for my area of study, and escape the pull of gaming to escape my anxieties. Tomorrow will be my Day 1. I gamed earlier today, but as I said I have deleted all my data from my system. I will go pack it up now too--out of sight, out of mind. I look forward to posting here every day and embarking on this journey. ~CC
  8. Thanks everyone! Yes, Diablo is definitely out for me as well. I consider that an "online" game even though you have the option to play it offline, because of the draw of seasonal characters, grinding for leaderboard places, etc. I definitely have spent time looking for the best "grinding" game to occupy my time, as if it would somehow give me something other than escape. I am also saying no to mobile games of any type, but especially incremental games which I have been hooked on in the past too (and spent money on). There's nothing worse than being out and constantly wanting to check your phone. Yikes. I started a (physical) journal but may start one on here as well, to share my thoughts and stay connected to this community. Thanks for the warm welcome, I'm happy to be here!
  9. Hi all, After a lot of avoidance and halfhearted quit attempts, I'm here posting for the first time. I found Cam's videos through r/gamequitters and have been interested in joining this community for a few years. My addiction is to online multiplayer (competitive) games, and my goal is to quit playing those completely. I plan to continue with single player games as I have not had issues with them, but will monitor and if they similarly become a problem I will quit those too. My main addiction is Overwatch, but I have been hooked on Hearthstone, Dead by Daylight, Team Fortress 2, and others in the past. I sink my teeth into the competitive nature of these games, and compulsively play long after I stop enjoying my time. If I win a game, I want to keep going...if I lose a game, I need to get my rank back up. I'm aware that companies like Blizzard try to make their games as addictive as possible, and I feel disgusting about playing into that. I live in NYC, and with COVID still keeping us locked down, it's been especially hard lately. My work hours are all over the place, and I have taken to staying up all night playing while binging on sugar. I'm also trying to quit processed sugars. I think both behaviors (gaming and sugar binging) come from the same place: a desire to escape from my responsibilities, to numb my anxiety about the future, and indulge in something "bad" for me. I know this behavior well, because I used to do the same with cigarettes and alcohol (I have been sober and nicotine free for 6.5 years now). I'm sill active in a sobriety group, but wanted to find some support tailored to gaming specifically. I'm excited to be here and to take the first steps towards breaking free from this addiction. I have uninstalled this game so many times now, I feel trapped in an endless cycle. I hope that posting here (and coming back daily) will be the step I need to begin recovery. I look forward to meeting you, and thanks for reading! ~Coyote
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